Monday, December 27, 2010


So we gots a blizzard yesterday! Holy Moly, that's a LOT of snow out there... I had to tunnel my own path. Ma said I look like a monorail corralled in with just my nubbin sticking out! BOL.
Blue is snuggled up on the couch and Da's outside diggin out.
Ma and grammy are here inside wif us Weims.
Stay safe, friends!
~"Snowbunny" June

Sunday, December 26, 2010

and now for something COMPLETELY different!

hiya friends!
Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Junkanoo and Happy Boxing Day :-)

Blue and I had a lovely Christmas with lots of treats from Santa and our cousins, Bruno and Pixie!!
Ma and Da got a gift bag with stuff in it from them on Christmas Eve when they were by Ma's cousin Lainey. Ma's family celebrates there and always has a wonderful time... I digress.

In the bag was a separate little gift from Brunie to me. ONLY ME. You see, Lainey must have been reading this blog to him and Pix and they asked to get me a little sumfin' special...
I got a tiny can of hotdogs called Vienna sausages. I never heard of these delicacies so I looked them up on the interweb and here is what their website says"
Enjoy them heated, chilled, or right out of the container as a snack, main dish or sliced and added to casseroles and soups." or... just give them to Junie and let her do her thang! BOL!

Thanks Brunie, Pixie and Lainey, Gary & Ashley... you guys ROCK!

~ June

Saturday, December 18, 2010

the 12 hotdogs, I mean, DAYS of Christmas

Um. Hi.
Junie here...
I rote down the werds to my favorit Christmas carol... the 12 hotdogs I mean DAYS of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...
12 well-done wieners,
Eleven links of bratwurst
Ten franks a-steaming
Nine footlong hot dogs
Eight to a package
Seven grilled-up tubesteaks
Six push-cart specials
Five dirty water dogs...
Four Hebrew National's
Three Oscar Meyers
Two Nathan's franks,
and a hot dog in a toasty warm bun.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

naughty or nice?

deer santa,
just thawt you'd like to see what Blue has bin doing all day! Everyone thinks he's the nice one and I am naughty, but here is proof he's a GRINCH when it comes to taking our Holiday pitcher.

I also have it on good authoritty that he EATS DEER ANtLERS! (Well I do too, but...)

just wanted to update your list since I know it's time to start checking it twice.


ps... heer is a slide show of the whole photo shoot. Ma and Da are making our cards this week!

Secret Santa 2010

So we've been slackers... got our Secret Santas this week... Ma had off from work so didnt get to mail ours out...She promises though that Monday they will be mailed overnight!

Here is the slideshow I promised earlier. It's backwards... it SHOULD show mine first (but of course...) then the old man , er, I mean sweet angel boy Blue's then.... the best pix of all... me chowing down on my Holiday Hot dogs!!! But somehow,it starts w/ me eating! BOL Hey life's short... eat the hotdogs first!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus!

Junie here... this post is copied from my thank you note to my WA Secret Santa. You will read some very important info I found out from receiving this package. Honestly, it'a game-changer... hots dogs can be shipped in the mail. I hope Ma and Da have hidden their credit cards other wise, HSN will become the HOTDOG Shopping Network!!!

Dear Charlie,
Fanx so much for being my new friend and being my Secret Santa! I absolutely LOVE every gift in my care package!!!
I also learned a very very VERY important fact today... YOU CAN RECEIVE HOT DOGS IN THE MAIL!!!
So... Ma was out today doing dog stuff and when she got home Da told her a package came. It's marked OPEN IMMEDIATELY well... no worries here. BOL. Ma opened it and saw it was for ME! ANd it was COLD! OMG OMG OMG can it be??? Yes... OMG HOT DOGS!!!!!!!!!! Well, first we opened the card. (hurry Ma, hurry!) then we opened treats... YUMMY Blueberry then ma saw sumfin' for HER... then we went on to the antler! WHOA... Me and the old man have one but hardly ever chew it... it must be different... this one from you is AWESOME... and delicious! AND I even shared it w/ Blue (hear that real Santa...I'm trying here!) ok.... then we saw the hot dogs! I am in heaven!!
THANK YOU, Charlie, Thank you so much!!!!
Best. Secret Santa. EVER.


ps, blog fans... if any of YOU are so we know you can send hotdogs my way! BOL
slideshow on it's way into another post later :-)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Dear Santa,
I just heard that there are 8 days of Hanukkah and
I KNOW there are 8 hot dogs in a package... coincidence?
I think I'm converting!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the Big Four-oh!

hey there...dont know if you recall a few weeks ago, Ma started her own blog and left me and my fans high and dry. Well today's the big day for her. So I'm hoping she's done with 40 challenges and blogging about her WW pals and will shift the focus back to June.
This morning me n Blue gave her her newest "as seen on tv" gift (She has a bunch of them from us... that Billy Mays was a gift-giving GENIUS!) and a lovely card Da helped write while we dictated. I tried to explain that where I come from, each time she gets wished a happy birthday, she's supposed to give them a hot dog. I wished her a million times but guess what? NO darn hot dogs! Humpf.
I told her she's less than 6 in dog years, so nothing to worry about. I mean I'm 56 already. and the boy... he's well over 100!

Anyway, just thought I'd wish Ma a happy birthday again (still no hot dog???) and hopefully I'll be seeing you guys more often...unless she migrates her blog to be more public than just on WW. :-)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My friend, the new Champion!

Even though I sometimes get jealous of the Grayhart girls... I am proud to announce that our friend, Jam has gotten her Championship this weekend!

Ma got a text yesterday and was so excited for her!
Read all about it on her blog:

Congratulations, Jam :-) Maybe when you get home, your ma will give you a celebratory hotdog!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stop Mahwah #1679

Hiya friends... please read the link and you can also visit the blog post about it from my friend, Trixie. This a very important topic and even if you dont live in NJ, PLEASE sign the petition. Every signature counts!

Stop Mahwah #1679

I guess it's easier to ban dogs than enforce leash and scooping laws? This is how it all starts... first banning dogs, then BSL, then the HSUS and Peta will be picketing the ownership of companion dogs...
What ever happened to Man's Best Friend?

Thursday, November 11, 2010


so, like I promised... I finally got Ma off her blog long enough to help me download the evidence of the over ruling , er I mean snapshots of our fun adventure to the corn maze! Yeah, that's it!! BOL

We went back to Etsch Farms for the Loreal Dogtoberfest.
They have a corn maze set up and we were gonna walk it, but Da procrastinated all day and we didnt have time once we got there. Like last year,the awesome BBQ dude, Rodger's Real Barbeque was there, but he ran out of sweet potato pies! Ma was bummed, but we ordered ribs (YIPPEE!! Bones for me n Blue), corn bread, baked beans... the works. And then, Da saw it... the cart.

(Insert heavenly music here)

We were starving (Did I mention Ma and I went on some marathon walk in the morning and I was already pooped??) and drove 45 min for take out! More like fake-out if you ask me! SO anyway, back to the hot dogs...
We walked up and the guy had 3 left (I know you read this already, but it is so great how Ma did this...)
One for each of us, Da orders one w/ chili/cheese and one w/ onions. Ma says whoa, June needs a plain one. Da says we dont even need the bun, it's for her (meaning me, the princess) It had already happened... Da completely must have forgotten his dumb rule :-) SO they deliberate over who gets the one w/ onions and sit down to share them while a patiently waited for mine to cool...

I was drooling... Ma broke off little pieces so I could savor them.
Um, not so much savoring Ma, more like inhaling! Anyway about half way through Da remembers the rule TOO LATE! I got my hot dog! I helped clean his fingers from the gooey chili cheese and we went on or merry way back home...

but not without me chasing after the Hot dog Cart... wait mr. hot dog man.... there's no extras?

So now supposedly I gotta wait til like March or something. I think Da's a little extreme... what do you think?


Sunday, November 7, 2010


Guys... I'll post a longer post in a bit complete with pictures, but I am so excited, I have to share.......
Yesterday, Ma became the coolest ma ever. I mean, she already is cool, but what she did...OMG

We went out. Drove 45 minutes to a corn maze and there was a hot dog cart. See where this is going?
So we walk over 'cause the maze was closing and Da was starving & the guy says I have 3 left so Ma says, perfect! One for each of us. Da goes and orders 2 for himself and Ma says whoa, one... We need the last with no toppings and no bun. (FOR ME!)
SHE OVER RULED HIS "NO HOT DOGS TIL 2011" rule. It was amazing, so fast and so matter of fact, he didnt even have time to dispute it and there I was eating a dirty water dog bite by bite while Da was steaming over getting hood-winked!

Ma's gotta download the pictures and you'll get the deets in a bit.

ciao for now.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Howl-o-Weim time

Just wanted to let you all know I may be out and about on Sunday at my Petco. Note I say "my" because I am the queen over at the Clifton store where Da works. When I am there, I STRUT MY STUFF. And Sunday, I will be strutting my fuzzy self... yes, fuzzy.
It's been getting chilly and guess what? My fur has grown back! They are calling me "Her Fuzziness". So, since I am like royalty, I'm thinking that will be my costume...a sash with my "title" and a tiara (that should already be perpetually on my head! BOL)
The other thought is to go as...(wait for it)
a hot dog!

What do you guys think? Trick or Treating as the Queen or my favorite snack?

That pumpkin is one Ma carved 2 years ago. Can you guess whoooooooooo they are?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

um, what about MY blog...

so ma started a new blog... for herself. Of all the nerve! So she's turning 40 soon...and decided to challenge herself for 40 days leading up to her big day on her ww forum. 40 'til 40
Supposedly, each day is a 40 themed challenge and a picture. Day 40 was 40 extra steps, 39 was 40 minutes of disco dancing (disco? wth!), 38 was 40 oz of extra water... you get the picture? Well I feel so slighted and have not had a chance to get on my OWN damn blog for days.
So I got a challenge for you, ma... how about you give ME 40 hot dogs!!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Please vote for my friend!

This is a special shout out for my pals Sagira and Starr (And Harley & Samick!!):

Sagira is entered in a costume contest through Trupanion Pet Insurance. She is down by THREE votes right now. We really need to beat the kitty and the Goldens...goldens always win. LOL

If you're on Facebook, please "Like" the Trupanion Pet Insurance page. Then go to their Halloween 2010 photo album and click on Sagira's photo. Then press the "Like" button her photo inside that album and that is how the vote is counted.

You can try this link, but not sure if it will work or not?

Thanks you guys! Sagira & Starr want the $25 Petco Gift card!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rescue Calendar

Even though I'm not gracing any of the pages of this rescue calendar... it is spectacular! Ma designed the pages using the winners of TSWR's Annual Photo Contest... William Wegman is the judge so you know they're good shots! ;-)
All the money raised goes directly to the Weims of TriState Weim Rescue.
Calendars make great year-end gifts for friends and relatives no matter what holiday you choose to celebrate...
Click here and shop early to avoid the Black-Friday rush!!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Be the Change...

Blog the Change
Hiya friends!
Today is a Be the Change Day... My change I am bringing is to help support my friends Sagira and her Daddy in a walk for an amazing cause... Canines with Cancer.
Cancer affects everyone. You either have it or know someone who does. sad truth. It also affects us doggies. We lost a few friends to cancer...A few years ago, the Weim community lost Groovy. He was a very special Southern Weim whose brave battles were chronicled on aol by his mama, Cassandra.
This past year, we lost another. Rudy was a fellow rescue Weim and his mama is part of mama's group (TSWR) and is remembered fondly on our Rainbow Bridge page
Tyler is a sweet Vizsla that Ma and Da met a few years ago... her mama is the TSWR Treasurer. She fought a very valiant fight for way longer than the vets ever imagined. She lost her battle this past year too.
Last year, we lost Jake. Jake was most special to us... He was the Weim that changed so many lives. Because of him, Ma and Da became so close to Aunt Lynn and Uncle John... he was their 4th Weim... he made them foster failures! He had lung cancer and graced us with the last few years of his life. He was Blue's soul-dog brother and together they inspired many that Old Dogs Rule!

These doggies are each an inspiration to us and many more like them need our help!
Please join us in supporting Jeremy & Sagira in their 2 Million Dog walk to raise money and awareness to Canines with Cancer. You can read about it on Sagira's blog here

Sunday, October 3, 2010


WOW! What a day...
Today was the Breeds in Need/Meet and Greet at PetCo. Ma & I went early to set up. When we first got there, the Greyhound Rescue was there. I met Frank and Sasha. The man is really nice, too... Ma sees them there from time to time, but this is the first time I met them!
So we set up and soon, our friends and fellow TSWR Volunteers Bree and Lori came with Rex and Arrow to be ambassa-dogs. Arrow was with us the last time in the other Petco and Rex is my friend now from a few TSWR events we've been to together!

Quite a few people stopped by our area checking out the "pretty gray dogs" and let me tell you all something...

We got all kinds of petting and raised alot of donations :-)

One lady asked what the "Donation Dog" vest was so Ma explained that if I am walking around, people can tuck money in the pockets. She said I was like a stripper! Where's the pole? Then ma told her I give new meaning to the term "lap dance" (WTH??!!) She got a big chuckle and proceeded to tuck a few bills... in the jar! (Ma thinks maybe she felt funny "tucking" them in my vest)

And Da of course, was there working, so he paraded me around in the store and I did all my Demo-Dog tricks. And I got a FIVE tucked by a little boy who begged his mommy for $ to donate!

...I work hard for the money; so hard for it honey! BOL
Honestly though, now I am pooped. I am so tired that I can't even muster enough energy to put my head on the bed!

It was fun day and a great cause. I can't wait to do it again.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meet & Greet

Just wanted to let all my fans know I will be out and about this Sunday. Petco is sponsoring Breeds in Need this month so me and 2 other Weimie ambassadogs will be at the Petco in Clifton, NJ. I will be wearing the donation vest so if you are local, come on down an tuck a dollar in my pocket :-)
We'll be chillin' and chattin' with people making them aware of breed specific rescue. Also check out the info on Petco's website... it's interesting how breed rescues end up helping save 2 lives at once when they pull a purebred out of a shelter and make room for another adoptable doggy!

It's also TSWR's First Annual Borders Book Fund Raiser this weekend (October 1, 2, & 3rd). They have a voucher for instore purchases for NJ, PA and DE (Email Ma for a voucher to printout) and there's an online code for any web purchases. When ordering online use Coupon Code TWRE1013K.
Every sale adds up and the more sales this weekend with that code, the higher percentage Borders donates to Weim Rescue! More info about this fundraiser

Please help support Rescue Weims like Me and Blue this weekend.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


As you can see, my friends, Grammy thinks I ate 4, but I also was getting bits of a FIFTH hotdog from our neighbor who came to the paw-ty too!
It was a BLAST! It was the Best. Dog Days. Ever. There were neighbors, puppies, prizes and there was even a wolf-hybrid! BUT, BEST OF ALL....THERE WERE HOT DOGS!!! In fact, I think they should call it HotDog Days next year!!
You all know how much I love them and how patiently I await eating them:

Well, I have to admit, Saturday I was a little piggy! BOL.
Before we left for the day, Ma only gave me half my food thinking I'd have a frank or 2 (or 3 or 4 or...) As soon as we pulled into the lot at IOC, I went crazy! I KNEW. I walked right into the pool and started splashing around and getting toys. I even was bringing them back to Da like a "real" fetching dog! Ma and Da said I was a VERY GOOD GIRL playing and swimming all day... they called me Esther Williams I was in the water so much!! BOL. I also was very good about sharing all the toys and gave them back to the doggies when I was asked to.
Our neighbors, Patty and Jim came, too, with Dakota and Skye, the Goldens. It was fun playing with them in the pool; usually D and I just race along the fence (I always beat him , though cause he's got a bum-hip!)
There was a homemade treat vendor there too and by the end of the day, Ma didnt win their raffle prize, so just helped myself to their treats! I think that was not a good idea though cause Ma got embarrassed...I did it while she was calling the raffle prize winners! (oopsie). Just before it was time to go home, the nice hot dog lady gave out FREE hotdogs to the doggies that were still swimming, so OF COURSE you know I had another one! I'm telling you, between Dog Days and the Rescue Picnic, IOC and TSWR really know how to throw a party!
When it was over, we packed up and headed home for our Annual Block Party...Ma got nervous we'd run out of food, so Grammy ran out and bought some... c'mon, guess... yep, HOT DOGS! We wound up not cooking them so there are 24 of my faves in the freezer!!! Da says I ate so many I dont get any now until 2011... so I wll be dreaming of them from now until New Year's Day!

Da took tons of photos, so enjoy the slideshow of Dog Days of September 2010:


Monday, September 13, 2010

Pool Pawty!

This is just a little teaser! A photo from last year...Da took tons of photos at Dog Days on Saturday! I had a BLAST at the pool paw-ty :-) Ma should help me post all about it later tonight.

Guess how many hotdogs I ate?

ciao for now.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hi friends!
Ma said something about boiling hotdogs this weekend? Is this some sort of sacrilege? I mean I will eat them cold, but boiling them? at HOME?? They might be close to a NYC pushcart dirty-water dog, but still...

I'll let you now how they turn out.

oh, btw on Monday Ma is in a cooking contest. I tried to give her a really good recipe for a gourmet hotdog, but she said it was a HEALTHY contest. Wish her luck...winner advances to finals in LA judged by Bobby FLay to win all new kitchen appliances! I wonder if that barking hotdog cooker is one of them??

ciao for now.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Sorry, friends, for taking so long to post since my BIG birthday celebration... Ma and Da have been taking pictures and I've been begging to get onto the computer, but everyone is so busy.
The end of the summer is such a fun time... I can't wait to go to Dog Days @ Ironwood in 2 weeks! I get to "swim". No one knew I liked to go in the water until our friend Jamielynn lowered the water at her job's pool and in I went! I dont go in too deep, but it's nice to cool off!! Here is a picture from the first year's event with ma.
It's a big day for doggies in southern NJ/PA/DE area. We have swimming fun, vendors and a tricky tray to help raise money for rescue! Oh, and they have a concession stand too...and you all know what that means... HOT DOGS for JUNE!!!
I'll post some more soon...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HB2ME pt.2

Oh. My. doG. It was such a fun night!!! While Da was still at dog school molding the minds of young pups, Ma started to prepare the birthday feast. I could smell it and my mouth was W-A-T-E-R-I-N-G!!! It was exquisite... kibble with grated cheese and chunks of Sharp Cheddar topped off with a Dirty Water Dog from a cart in NYC where Ma works!!! They put a candle in it and sang to me! After "I" blew out the candle, that hot dog didn't stand a chance... I don't know HOW Da got a photo of it without a big blur! BOL!!

Blue and I are lucky dogs. We found such good parents who make us feel so special on our birthdays and gotcha days...

After Ma and Da ate their own dinner, we waited for Georgia. She's our Mister Softee lady. (We're on a first-name basis.) She comes everynight and parks right in front of our house! Not good for Woof Watchers, but it is soooo creamy and delicious!! As soon as Ma heard her truck she went out and got me a vanilla dixiecup!!! Yummy... again not sure how Da got the shots, but he did... check out the slideshow of my Birthday Celebration!

It's my birthday!

I'm a SENIOR! I dont know how THAT happened. Ma says I'm still feisty so I guess it's not so bad getting older.

I hear they got me a SPECIAL hot dog for today so I'll post back later with more info and pictures... I'm off to celebrate!!!

for now...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

feeling better

Thanks to all my friends who sent get well wishes!I'm feeling a little better...even was running around yesterday (Away from ma with the dang nailclippers!!!!)
While I've been resting my knee, I've been searching the web for (whatelse?) hotdog info. I found this neat-o invention that is quite comical...

A BARKING hotdog cooker!

I also found my DREAM CAR:
Can't you just picture me rolling down the block in that!

I even came across a sign from a hotdog place that is in VT but could be our house...

But, sadly, in all my searching, I could NOT find one photo of my faves online...I dont know why. Best's are THE BEST! Paws down.
I guess ma and da felt pretty bad for me with all my limping and whining...I saw ma put a pack of 'em in the fridge last night after she came home from food shopping!!! YIPPEE... we're having HotDogs today!!!


Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hi friends,
I've been limping and standing on my tippy-toes for a few days and it's really starting to worry ma and da. I heard ma saying something about Joe Namath and knee surgery! Normally, when they talk about the Jets, it's during football season and that hasn't officially started yet (I know this because Fireman Ed is our friend) so now I'm starting to worry myself...
All I remember is I was running in the yard and then as soon as I came in I had to hold my back leg up. It happens from time to time but this time it seems worse. I dont want to go to the vet so I think I will try to stay off it for a few days and take some aspirins. Oh... and milk it for a few HOTDOGS ;-)


Sunday, August 1, 2010


So ma left real early today w/ grammy...and when she came home I smelled it IMMEDIATELY... she was CHEATIN' on me and the old man... I mean sweet Blue boy!!! Can you beleive it??!! I mean, she must have rattled off about 5 or 6 names of dogs that were kissin' her wherever she was! AND, to boot, I think I even smelled a HOT DOG on her breath! Of all the stinkin' nerve... go out WITHOUT ME, come home smelling of OTHER WEIMS and to have eaten a HOTDOG...Oh! I am so hurt.
I heard her telling da that the puppy-by-proxy WON Best Puppy of the Match... I'm not sure what that means exactly, but she's pretty excited. I just hope it doesn't mean I'm not her number one girl anymore...
She did give us each a goody bag from Linda that had yummy treats in it, but really I think Blue and I need to go sulk somewhere and whine til we get our very own hotdogs...

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dr. June, HDMD

Ma's not feeling well...for a few days now. She went to the dr. earlier and got three prescriptionsIt's a very bad sinus infection. She could have just asked me instead of spending money at the dr... and I would have written her my cure-all prescription:
Eat 2 Hot Dogs and call me in the morning! LOL

btw... HDMD stands for: HotDog Doctor!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

birthday treats

Today is Blue's 13th 12:01 ma, da and I sang to him.
Tonight, I think he gets special yummies like a steak and icecream. He's a very lucky boy to have found our ma and da and I am very grateful he did, too...becuase he's such a good boy, they wanted to bring me home too!!!

The first picture is from his seventh birthday (his first w/ ma and da) Isn't he a handsome boy!

And here is a slideshow from tonight... he got a card from his friends Romy and Seedge in NC, boar steak, a pierogi and ice cream!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

FlashBack Friday...

My friend Sagira posts puppy pictures and stories every Friday... I dont have any puppy photos from my old house so I posted a picture from the shore house this year and story from (pre blog diary) last summer instead.
It is about a (what else? LOL) Hot Dog Incident at our shorehouse:

" hey guys, Junie here... did someone say hot dogs???
Well, I got a story for you. When we were away on vacation last week at the shore, ma and da went to some FULL MOON PARTY.
Wait a minute, humans howl at the moon??
Anyway all week all they kept saying is they were going to some place and eating hotdogs at midnight and they would bring one home for me... you all know how much I love HotDogs.... Well, here it was about 12:30am , me and the gimp (that's what i call the old man, Blue when I'm aggrevated) were sitting up WAITING patiently for these delectable treats. I was really getting impatient, so I called ma. I said, 'where are the hot dogs? If SHE didn't bring them home I was NOT going to talk to her the rest of the week!'
How could they dash a little dog's dreams like that? I was heartbroken.... And a little hungry.
Ma said she'd help me write a letter to the local paper about the BIG SCAM of offering FREE hotdogs!!! Then, to make up for it, da and ma went to another place (Chicken or the Egg!!!) and ordered an uncooked hotdog from them as take-away. thank goodness someone cares about us dogs.
To top it all off, they really knew how sad me n Blue both were so when we got home on Sat afternoon, they had a barbeque (you know... when we eat outside) and me and Blue got a hotdog AND a hamburger! YIPPEEE!!!!"

Seems like a summertime trend...hotdogs for dogs during a barbeque. I hope it continues all year long!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Dear Blog...
So, yesterday, I rocked. But of course.. heh heh heh! Seriously, though, Da and I got to the seminar at 9 am and we had 1 break for lunch (um dogs?) and then we did more learning and demos until 5 pm! Sheesh! How hard's a doggy gotta work?! When we got home I was snoring before my fuzzy butt hit the sofa cushions! I had fun though and got lots of treats and as a gift, we got a cute heart shaped dish and a keychain.

Today I got a pm from Minnesota Linda (my hotdog fairy godmother!) on my Weimararner Addict forum (well, Ma's forum, really...) and it turns out yesterday was a HOLIDAY! I worked on a HOLIDAY!!! Now, you might ask yourself, self, what holiday was yesterday? Go ahead...I'll wait for you to ask before I tell ya...

It was NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY! Yep, that's right. A whole day dedicated to delectable goodness! Call 'em what you will: lips and assholes...tubesteaks...snorks n porks...dirtywater dogs...they are heaven in a casing to me and there I was working my nubbin-tail off and not getting one cent of time and half or holiday pay or even ONE STINKING SABRETT! I'm calling my congressman or shop steward or starting a petition or, or... Oh! I dont know...maybe I'll just whimper a bit to Ma and she'll get a pack for this weekend and I can have some. Yes SOME. I deserve more than one under these circumstances! Don'cha think?

alright, I gotta go bark at some of these rotten kids on the block and show 'em who's the princess around here, so I'm out for tonight...

Sunday, July 18, 2010


So Da just called... he has seminars tomorrow and Tues for dog training with all the local Petco DT's and store managers and they need demo dogs... GUESS WHO IS GOING TO SHINE?!
that's right... ME!!!
Usually I'm Da's D.D. for week one of his classes, but lately he's been doing alot of puppy sessions so I took the spring and summer off... Well tomorrow, I AM BACK, baby!
Look out doggies, let June show ya' how it's done...