Sunday, October 7, 2012

NOBODY Rains on Our Parade!!

Today was the Garden State Weim Club's Annual Fall Specialty! The forecast was for rain, but the (dog) show must go on... Me and Ma got there early (well not exactly as early as we told our friend, Bree to get there...oops!) and the rescue booth was set up. Also stopping by to visit and watch us were Roger and Tomoyo. creators of Dog in Charge!! Soon, it was time for the club to start the festivities. Now, for any of you who've never been to a dog show, first we have the Sweepstakes and pick best puppy and best veteran (male and female) and then we have the Specialty which is different classes of dogs and bitches competing for Winner's Dog and Winner's Bitch to earn Championship points and advancement to Best of Breed competition... the show started and all us rescue Weims gathered to watch and wait for our turn. Our turn? Rescues? In the ring? Do tell!! The club also holds a Rescue Parade at the show right before the awesome buffet lunch where we get a chance to shine. Of course, the skies opened up about 15 in before we started, but we outshined the clouds! Each of us got to prance around the showring, while a member of the club read a little bio about us. Ma over heard a few people saying how choked up they got hearing some of our stories. As we exited the ring, we got MEDALS!!!! And a stuffie toy/prize. Auntie Linda took our group photo under the tent so we wouldnt get any wetter than we already were BOL. In order we are: Remi, Vegas, Gunther, Nena, Gracie, Yours truly, Casey and Arrow To round out the day our friend (Trixie's daughter, bred by Auntie Linda) Mia went Winner's Bitch/ Best of Winners and our friend Parker (Jam's Daddy) was Judge's GCH Select. Ma also won THREE prizes in the club's raffle :-) Congratulations!! We are all Weima-WINNERS today :-)
ciao, ~June