Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hi friends!
Ma said something about boiling hotdogs this weekend? Is this some sort of sacrilege? I mean I will eat them cold, but boiling them? at HOME?? They might be close to a NYC pushcart dirty-water dog, but still...

I'll let you now how they turn out.

oh, btw on Monday Ma is in a cooking contest. I tried to give her a really good recipe for a gourmet hotdog, but she said it was a HEALTHY contest. Wish her luck...winner advances to finals in LA judged by Bobby FLay to win all new kitchen appliances! I wonder if that barking hotdog cooker is one of them??

ciao for now.


  1. Boiled, grilled, microwaved, cold; I'm sure you're fine with all the different ways to heat up a hot dog, just as long as you get some :)

    Good luck to your mom! Hope she goes to LA and get some shiny new appliances.

  2. Well, it could be worse. Just ask my boys. I put the snork-n-porks in the microwave till they make this screaming noise and split open, then I know their done. Boiling sounds better already huh? LOL

    How exciting, what are you making????
    Good Luck!

  3. Oh no...boiling the hot dogs? Whatever will you do?

    GOOD LUCK to your Ma. We hope she wins! Please let us know.

  4. friends... turned out, Ma didnt wanna boil them so she cooked them in a pan... kinda like Gray's Papaya-style. I had one. It was tasty!

    And she didnt win the cooking contest but said it was lots of fun!