Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Dear Blog...
So, yesterday, I rocked. But of course.. heh heh heh! Seriously, though, Da and I got to the seminar at 9 am and we had 1 break for lunch (um dogs?) and then we did more learning and demos until 5 pm! Sheesh! How hard's a doggy gotta work?! When we got home I was snoring before my fuzzy butt hit the sofa cushions! I had fun though and got lots of treats and as a gift, we got a cute heart shaped dish and a keychain.

Today I got a pm from Minnesota Linda (my hotdog fairy godmother!) on my Weimararner Addict forum (well, Ma's forum, really...) and it turns out yesterday was a HOLIDAY! I worked on a HOLIDAY!!! Now, you might ask yourself, self, what holiday was yesterday? Go ahead...I'll wait for you to ask before I tell ya...

It was NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY! Yep, that's right. A whole day dedicated to delectable goodness! Call 'em what you will: lips and assholes...tubesteaks...snorks n porks...dirtywater dogs...they are heaven in a casing to me and there I was working my nubbin-tail off and not getting one cent of time and half or holiday pay or even ONE STINKING SABRETT! I'm calling my congressman or shop steward or starting a petition or, or... Oh! I dont know...maybe I'll just whimper a bit to Ma and she'll get a pack for this weekend and I can have some. Yes SOME. I deserve more than one under these circumstances! Don'cha think?

alright, I gotta go bark at some of these rotten kids on the block and show 'em who's the princess around here, so I'm out for tonight...


  1. So abused. And to think that we are a working breed. Well, sort of working breed.

  2. National Hot dog day? OMG...that is YOUR day June!

  3. Hi June! We came over from Sagira's blog (we are a few days behind on visiting so we just got to her post about you today!) We think Weimeriners are so cute - we can't wait to learn more about you - we hope it is cool that we are kitties - we have lots of doggie blog friends too!

  4. Come on, COme all...just leave a hotdog for me at the door! BOL ;-)

  5. Geez... Your Dadda and Mama dropped the ball big time! Next time you're in bed all cuddled up with them, let a nice smelly one rip!

    -Lucy, the Blue weim from MN