Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Play Date!

yippee!!! Ma sez we're all going on a playdate this Sat up by Auntie Linda!
I fink it was only gonna be Haze going for a mani-pedi (Ma never dremmeled, so she's getting a lesson) and Da wants to see how to handle a dog like him (in a ring) since he glides! I mean, he runs like a freight train, but when he prances, he really looks fluid! Even I'm impressed BOL!

So anyway back to me going on a play date...I am so happy I get to go too... I fink Jam and Trixie will be in a differnt room since we're all pretty strong girls (they dont call us bitches for no reason!) but the pbp will be our host, and she's quite fun (I've hung w/ her at a few M&Gs) We're going on a nice long fast-fast (3miles which yet another 5k for Ma's WW walk-it challenge!)
I can't wait :-)

Monday, April 18, 2011

getta load of this...

Aint he sumfin' else?

Uh, I thought he wasn't allowed on the furniture...someone forgot to remind him that his old rules apply to MY RULES...

Actually Da saw him up here with me and took the pitcher and then shoo'd him down... that's more like it, buddy. This is MY Couch BOL

On the other paw, I can see why he'd like to get so cozy...Ma and Da have us doing MAJOR fast-fasts and time at the dog park. We're pooped pups!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Buffalo Girls Wont you come out tonight....

come out tonight, come out tonight. Buffalo Girls Wont you come out tonight
and dance by the light of the moon!

So a few weeks back when I had my cancer scare, Ma and Da switched me to grain free because Ma read that carbs/grains feed cancer cells. Since Bison is the newest and leanest Natural Balance LID food, that's what we tried. At first I was skeptical about eatin' buffalos.
To get me in the mood, Ma started singing all buffalo songs to me...
Oh! Give me a home... where the buffalo roam...
Buffalo girls go 'round the outside...
Buffalo Soldier, in the heart of America...
but my favorite was also Da's favorite:
Buffalo Girls from It's a Wonderful Life!

And... now I am a Natural Balance snob! BOL...

I'll only eat Bison and Sweet Potato kibble.

I'm losing some weight and feeling GREAT!


ps... we're getting "Brunswick" on it too... (Da's calling him Brunswick after the bowling balls....cause his head's like a bowling ball BOL!!!!)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I can't win!

SO last week I had hurt my front right AND back left leg running after a damn stray cat in MY yard. :-( After about 3 days of rest and aspirins I was feeling better & taking my fast fasts easy. Even playing in the dog park with chubsie-ubbsie, I mean Haze I was having fun, but still needing to take it easy. Well, yesterday, I injured my shoulder... again :-(
I am hobbling pretty bad and I look like popeye in my forearm. Ma and Da have been massaging it and giving me baby aspirins but it SMARTS! I think now that it's injured, it's weakened and prone to me hurting it every damn time I run... so yesterday we were at the dog park and Ma tossed a ball for me to chase and after about 5 gallops, I stumbled. How embarrassing.
I think if it's still pretty bad tomorrow, Ma's gonna hafta take me to the vet to get something like a rimadyl or sumfin'.

Ma and Da sez I look so small when I'm hurting. I guess cause I'm all piss and vinegar usually and now I'm moping and sookie.

I'll check in again in a few days to let you know how I feel.

ALso, an update for those of you who wonder about how this foster thing is going.
Haze is okay. We had 2 scraps and so now we get gated apart when Ma and Da are not home. He's a big goofball and just doesn't get it when I dont want him in my face. I gotta stay on him otherwise, he's all over me wanting to play... he had a young 9 month old GSP puppy-girl to romp with the other day and I was so happy (the heat was off me for a while! BOL)

I should tell Ma and Da to bring him there all week while I rest up....
Oh, and he's NOT STAYING.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

alright, here it is:

I'm letting Ma and Da foster a Weim!
You have NO IDEA how many hotdogs this is going to cost them BOL!... and
HE IS NOT STAYING. He's a foster.

Meet Haze. He's the big big lunkhead in the picture with me.
We met a few times at Tri-State's Meet & Greets and finally he wore us all down to be good samaritans... I mean Ma does SO MUCH for rescue but her and Da had a no-foster rule...so they had him come over for a visit Friday night...Eh, I'm not impressed and you know what the freaking brat did? HE BIT MY TAIL! The nerve. I was my usual hostess with the mostest charming self (ya!) and I didnt give him a second of leeway... I know his owner was skeptical but then, I overheard Da telling Ma late Friday night that we should do this...it's in the best interest of this dog who needs rescue to rehome him... he needs activity, exercise and I'm still mopey from losing my boy so maybe we could keep each other company?

So today, they brought him home. We went for a nice long fast-fast to the dog park and ran around for like HOURS! He even got between me and some pesky golden who just would not take NO for an answer! very different than biting my tail BOL.
I think tiring him out was a good idea becuase now we are both calm and sleepy.

I dont know how long he'll be "visiting" so if any of my blog pals are interested in him... here is his petfinder info. Haze