Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chilly Dogs!

Hiya blog-pals!
Normally, when I hear chili dogs, I think HOT DOGS!!! Well, today, guess what came in the mail? My very own Chilly Dogs Great White North coat!!! Now Haze and I are all set to go out for LONG fast-fasts this winter! They are so cozy and fleecey....The lady who makes them in Canada loves Weims and is very rescue-friendly! Check her site out here

Dont we look cute? We're like the chilly twins!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

These are NO ORDINARY hot dogs...

The other night Da grilled up what I thought were just the "usual" but holy cannoli these were quite different. They looked like regular hotdogs... I even pondered if he actually snuck in a pack of Oscar Meyers instead BOL, but these were VENISON!

Wowzers... SO yummy. I had a hard time containing myself through the meal.
Thanks to Uncle Joey for the delicious treat! I hear Ma's making stew this weekend with the other venison you gave us!!

ps. Haze got to eat a venison hot dog too!! :-)


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Please help Ma's Rescue Help Max!

Max needs heart surgery and his family can not afford it and doesn't have time for him.
Tri State Weim Rescue has decided to foster him and have the surgery. It's $3500 and we need everyone's help! Please CHIPIN as much as you possibly can and also please share this link with other Weim-lovers you know who might also like to donate.

You can also read all about him on TSWR's home page