Friday, December 10, 2010

Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus!

Junie here... this post is copied from my thank you note to my WA Secret Santa. You will read some very important info I found out from receiving this package. Honestly, it'a game-changer... hots dogs can be shipped in the mail. I hope Ma and Da have hidden their credit cards other wise, HSN will become the HOTDOG Shopping Network!!!

Dear Charlie,
Fanx so much for being my new friend and being my Secret Santa! I absolutely LOVE every gift in my care package!!!
I also learned a very very VERY important fact today... YOU CAN RECEIVE HOT DOGS IN THE MAIL!!!
So... Ma was out today doing dog stuff and when she got home Da told her a package came. It's marked OPEN IMMEDIATELY well... no worries here. BOL. Ma opened it and saw it was for ME! ANd it was COLD! OMG OMG OMG can it be??? Yes... OMG HOT DOGS!!!!!!!!!! Well, first we opened the card. (hurry Ma, hurry!) then we opened treats... YUMMY Blueberry then ma saw sumfin' for HER... then we went on to the antler! WHOA... Me and the old man have one but hardly ever chew it... it must be different... this one from you is AWESOME... and delicious! AND I even shared it w/ Blue (hear that real Santa...I'm trying here!) ok.... then we saw the hot dogs! I am in heaven!!
THANK YOU, Charlie, Thank you so much!!!!
Best. Secret Santa. EVER.


ps, blog fans... if any of YOU are so we know you can send hotdogs my way! BOL
slideshow on it's way into another post later :-)


  1. Wow...they sure are smart to mail hot dogs to you. I couldn't figure it out and had to mail you a stuffed one.

    We are slackers and haven't even gotten ours in the mail yet. We were waiting on one more thing (our cards to be printed) and we are dropping our boxes in the mail this weekend.

  2. Lucky you Junie! I bet you never dreamed of a better present and talk about special delivery. This may be one of your best Christmas's ever.
    The PBP