Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Peeps on Parade!

This is part of a contest from Sarge (a friend of Sagira's)
Peeps on Parade

Our friend Sagira had a post about this and it looks fun so here goes:
Most of you know my peeps...Chris and KellyAnn. Chris is a dog trainer for Petco
One of his Doggy Graduations

and KellyAnn is a graphic designer and works for a very well known music magazine and a famous celebrity weekily mag! Da's special talent is photography and being like Dr. Dolittle...all the dogs even surly ones come around and like him! Ma's special talent is designing (SHE DOES SOME REALLY COOL BLUE RIBBON ADS!) and her special/favorite hobby is Weimaraner rescue. She's the Intake Coordinator for TriState Weim Rescue; My most favorite thing to do with both my peeps is eat hot dogs and go on walkies! Ma calls them fast-fasts.
Me n Ma after my big Lure Coursing debut!(talk about FAST!!)

Me n Da sharing hot dogs!

My peeps have been together for almost 24 years and have always had dogs in their lives; sumfin' funny about my peeps? hmmmm.....they have different dog voices and have given each of their together dogs a complete personality, voice and character!

Me n Blue(My peeps' first rescued Weim)

Sumfin WAAAAAY cool about them? They have big hearts when it comes to rescuing Weims... and just welcomed anudder one (Haze) into our family!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Paw it Forward!



We signed up for a fun game called Paw it Forward from our Auntie Linda's blog and got our care package yesterday!!!

Ma's the worst at taking pitchers BOLthey are blurry, so here's a list of what we's gots:

2 yummy peanutbutter filled bones--one for each of us, although I wanted to eat BOTH!
a fun rope bone for tugging
a GORGEOUS braided leash for training classes and a leather agility tab
a stuffy in the shape of a star becuase we are SUPERSTARS!!(which I snagged and ran off wif before she snapped the photo)
AND... Joline added in home made doggy biscuits in the shape of WEIMARANERS!!!!!
Those are so yummy, fanx! ;-)

We signed up to receive a gift and then, we get to send presents to 3 friends!

Do you want to play wif us???
The game is lots of fun and here's how it works:

1. Post a comment on my Paw it Forward post saying you want to play. (Then email Ma wif your real address to send stuff)
2. Once you get your package, you must blog about your presents.
3. In your own blog post, ask 3 of your friends to play paw it forward with you and keep it going!

First three posts get to play...Who's in?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Foster? FAIL!


Ok, so the cat's out of the bag so to speak... By now most everyone has heard that Ma and Da realized that Haze and I get along pretty good and he's a great dog and a good fit for our family. After the TSWR rescue picnic, JL asked Ma if we were SURE we didnt want to adopt him and after much deliberation and emails Ma told her... who are we kidding, we'd LOVE to adopt Haze! Ma was soooooo not ready to have another boy after losing Blue. Da wasn't either, but he wiggled his way right into his heart! And me? Well, I surprised everyone by being so depressed wif out my boy to boss around. I MISS BLUE ALOT. So having goofy Haze in the house has brought me out of that a bit. Dont get me wrong, I am still numero uno and he will learn quickly who is the boss in our house, but I kinda like him. I may bark him away from the front door, but I sniff him a little longer each time...

Please join me, Ma and Da in welcoming Haze to the family!


ps. I will blog about the picnic over the weekend. I can't beleive we completely forgot all about posting it! BOL... click to enjoy JL's pictures of the day in the meantime.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whew! Away from Blogging too long...

So, Ma went to Nationals and alls I got was a lousy t-shirt! Oh, wait... I didn't EVEN get a tshirt! :-( Haze got a new prong collar, though. (oh, yeah BTW, he's staying... another post on him soon!)

She had a long week and took tons of photos of friends, new and old, from Weim Addict & rescue, her mentor's mentors, and even a few puppies.
Some pics are here:
Twice as many more had to be off-loaded each night onto my friend's laptop, so I dont have all of the ones she took. Linda was so impressed with how everyone there knew WeimaMama(all her WA and rescue friends and even some of MY blog-pals!!!). It was like Ma was famous! BOL

Then Sat we had a Mega Adoption event at one of the Petcos near us. it rained at the end, but Da had to take me home early because I was too hot and Da thought I'm getting too old!... Well until today!!!!

Today, we had the famous Hair of the Dog 5k and I almost didnt get to go since I was pooped early on yesterday, but 815 this morning me and Haze got loaded up into the truck and off we went! Then I thought, "okay just some ambassadog time since Ma didnt register to actually do the walk/run"... hmpf. Auntie Linda came with the girls, but not Walter and Joline so guess who walked? Yep, Ma, Da and us! I did another 5k!!
It was a nice stroll and even though we were last to start, we made decent time and stopped off for a drink!
Then...oh, my Da took me over to the Lure Coursing. I never even heard of this activity, but today I found my niche! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? This is the BEST THING EVER! I get to run off lead and chase 2 white bags (to me, they looked like big paper towels, like Grammy always leaves on counters for me to steal!) Well, as soon as I saw them I was SO EXCITED! I was shaking and whinny-ing like a lunatic.
Well, Da signed me up and I was up next after another Weim named Blue. They got the lures in place, Ma took off the Halti and we heard the Tally-ho and OFF I WENT!!

I did so well, the man told Ma she should be proud of me being almost 9 and having a run like I did.
I was so crazed, Ma made Da pay for me to go again!!!

JL took some pictures too, but mine are in a slideshow with others from the whole day:

...also running are Savi and Jam. Savi was like me...lightning quick. Jam, not so much... I think she' ll stick to agility and Specialing!
The Lure Coursing people, they do this every Saturday not too far, so I think I may get to be doing this more often!

I am officially pooped now... so much walking and running... nighty-nite!

ps. I know we didnt blog about the picnic yet, too, so I'll be back later this week for that post and the official update/announcement about Haze.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Bring on the HOT DOGS!!!

hiya friends!

Tomorrow is the big day... TSWR's Annual Picnic!! YIPPEE I can NOT wait to bite into the first official rescue event hot dog of the season BOL!!

Haze has NO IDEA how much FUN we're going to have ;-) I'm not even sure he knows he's going and... that as an adoptable foster, he's a guest of honor! There will be lots of people and Weimie friends there!

If you are a local Weim, click here to register and we will see you tomorrow!

Weather's supposed to be sunny and 70!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hair of the Dog, whaaaat?

I did a 5k yesterday!.... and lemme tell you all sumfin': I am NOT doing another 5k this month... I am too old for this sh*t BOL... This playdate yesterday I think was torture... We walked for so long up and down hills wif Auntie Linda and Jam & Savi. We were EXHAUSTED! (I am still tired today and wanted no part of a long fast fast again wif the Ma)
We slept the whole ride home! I was in my crate, so Da took a picture of Haze:

Seriously though we had FUN! With a capital F-you-enn! When we first got there all 3 girls were outside and then Jam and Trixie got crated since I never was there before and Haze was there but awhile ago. Savi was our hostess! We hung on the deck in the sunshine and I got to de-stuff one of the toys in the puppy toybox! Savi and Haze: Then they ate lunch which smelled delish! After lunch, they took the boy back on the deck for a mani-pedi and Da got a lesson on how to dremmel...not that he's gonna come near ME with one of those things, but it's good to know, ya know?

After our fast fast, we got to play in the yard OFF LEASH!! Haze went up the teeter and I was showing off my down-stay! The girls were wrasslin' like lunatix... personally i can not beleive how full of energy that pbp is! After that long walk, she was still raring to go! And she is relentless with Jam! Da took lotsa pictures. I'm the one who is fuzzy (pink and brown collar) Haze has a red collar/prong and a blue leash, Jam has a purple collar and Savi is the little one in the pinkish collar.

We really had a GRAY-T time and hope to do it again soon...

Oh, and I also wanted to share a new nickname for the fosterboy: Hazelnuts!!! Ma's little cousin came up with that one on Easter. We all laughed. It fits, too because he is a little nuts BOL! He and I both enjoyed all the company on Easter at Ma and Da's. He got to meet Grandma and Papa T and Ma's 2 cousins. Everyone can't beleive he's a foster and is still waiting for his forever home!
I think he needs a new PR firm to give him a better back story! Linda and Joline think we should start blog for him...what do you think?

Oh.... and best of all? I got a hotdog tonight! YIPPEE!