Sunday, August 29, 2010


Sorry, friends, for taking so long to post since my BIG birthday celebration... Ma and Da have been taking pictures and I've been begging to get onto the computer, but everyone is so busy.
The end of the summer is such a fun time... I can't wait to go to Dog Days @ Ironwood in 2 weeks! I get to "swim". No one knew I liked to go in the water until our friend Jamielynn lowered the water at her job's pool and in I went! I dont go in too deep, but it's nice to cool off!! Here is a picture from the first year's event with ma.
It's a big day for doggies in southern NJ/PA/DE area. We have swimming fun, vendors and a tricky tray to help raise money for rescue! Oh, and they have a concession stand too...and you all know what that means... HOT DOGS for JUNE!!!
I'll post some more soon...


  1. Please tell us she is handing you a hot dog in that picture.

  2. Your not the only crazy one. Grayce and Danger also have a blog and I just started a rescue blog too!


  3. Hope you have tons of fun and steal lots of those hot dogs!

  4. What an awesome event. I wish they did that here!
    Have a great time and post lots of pics!

  5. Wooo Hooo, potential hot dogs! That sounds like so much fun. Summer is winding down here. The days are shorter and much cooler. Today it rained for the first time in months. When I see that pool I am sorry it is coming to an end in a few short weeks. Can't wait to see pics.

  6. Hi June! First we have to say the chance for hot dogs is great! And we love that picture of you in the pool - it really sounds like you will have a lot of fun! And boy, we do understand about being busy - it happens at our house all the time!

  7. Oh, Junie-Baloonie! You've been such a good girl,watching your diet, eating Natural Balance Reduced formula and in 11 short days you'll be indulging in the "Hot Dogs of Summer" finale!! I'll be keeping a loving Grammy's eye on you to make sure you don't over do it!