Friday, July 30, 2010

Dr. June, HDMD

Ma's not feeling well...for a few days now. She went to the dr. earlier and got three prescriptionsIt's a very bad sinus infection. She could have just asked me instead of spending money at the dr... and I would have written her my cure-all prescription:
Eat 2 Hot Dogs and call me in the morning! LOL

btw... HDMD stands for: HotDog Doctor!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

birthday treats

Today is Blue's 13th 12:01 ma, da and I sang to him.
Tonight, I think he gets special yummies like a steak and icecream. He's a very lucky boy to have found our ma and da and I am very grateful he did, too...becuase he's such a good boy, they wanted to bring me home too!!!

The first picture is from his seventh birthday (his first w/ ma and da) Isn't he a handsome boy!

And here is a slideshow from tonight... he got a card from his friends Romy and Seedge in NC, boar steak, a pierogi and ice cream!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

FlashBack Friday...

My friend Sagira posts puppy pictures and stories every Friday... I dont have any puppy photos from my old house so I posted a picture from the shore house this year and story from (pre blog diary) last summer instead.
It is about a (what else? LOL) Hot Dog Incident at our shorehouse:

" hey guys, Junie here... did someone say hot dogs???
Well, I got a story for you. When we were away on vacation last week at the shore, ma and da went to some FULL MOON PARTY.
Wait a minute, humans howl at the moon??
Anyway all week all they kept saying is they were going to some place and eating hotdogs at midnight and they would bring one home for me... you all know how much I love HotDogs.... Well, here it was about 12:30am , me and the gimp (that's what i call the old man, Blue when I'm aggrevated) were sitting up WAITING patiently for these delectable treats. I was really getting impatient, so I called ma. I said, 'where are the hot dogs? If SHE didn't bring them home I was NOT going to talk to her the rest of the week!'
How could they dash a little dog's dreams like that? I was heartbroken.... And a little hungry.
Ma said she'd help me write a letter to the local paper about the BIG SCAM of offering FREE hotdogs!!! Then, to make up for it, da and ma went to another place (Chicken or the Egg!!!) and ordered an uncooked hotdog from them as take-away. thank goodness someone cares about us dogs.
To top it all off, they really knew how sad me n Blue both were so when we got home on Sat afternoon, they had a barbeque (you know... when we eat outside) and me and Blue got a hotdog AND a hamburger! YIPPEEE!!!!"

Seems like a summertime trend...hotdogs for dogs during a barbeque. I hope it continues all year long!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Dear Blog...
So, yesterday, I rocked. But of course.. heh heh heh! Seriously, though, Da and I got to the seminar at 9 am and we had 1 break for lunch (um dogs?) and then we did more learning and demos until 5 pm! Sheesh! How hard's a doggy gotta work?! When we got home I was snoring before my fuzzy butt hit the sofa cushions! I had fun though and got lots of treats and as a gift, we got a cute heart shaped dish and a keychain.

Today I got a pm from Minnesota Linda (my hotdog fairy godmother!) on my Weimararner Addict forum (well, Ma's forum, really...) and it turns out yesterday was a HOLIDAY! I worked on a HOLIDAY!!! Now, you might ask yourself, self, what holiday was yesterday? Go ahead...I'll wait for you to ask before I tell ya...

It was NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY! Yep, that's right. A whole day dedicated to delectable goodness! Call 'em what you will: lips and assholes...tubesteaks...snorks n porks...dirtywater dogs...they are heaven in a casing to me and there I was working my nubbin-tail off and not getting one cent of time and half or holiday pay or even ONE STINKING SABRETT! I'm calling my congressman or shop steward or starting a petition or, or... Oh! I dont know...maybe I'll just whimper a bit to Ma and she'll get a pack for this weekend and I can have some. Yes SOME. I deserve more than one under these circumstances! Don'cha think?

alright, I gotta go bark at some of these rotten kids on the block and show 'em who's the princess around here, so I'm out for tonight...

Sunday, July 18, 2010


So Da just called... he has seminars tomorrow and Tues for dog training with all the local Petco DT's and store managers and they need demo dogs... GUESS WHO IS GOING TO SHINE?!
that's right... ME!!!
Usually I'm Da's D.D. for week one of his classes, but lately he's been doing alot of puppy sessions so I took the spring and summer off... Well tomorrow, I AM BACK, baby!
Look out doggies, let June show ya' how it's done...

Weimie fun in the sun

Hi friends! I hope I did this right...

Ma's trying to help me post a slideshow link of our pictures from yesterday...
So I had lots of fun running around, BUT getting thrown in the pool was DEFINITELY not fun at all!
Check out Blue... he put his lifejacket on and went swimming w/ ma and da... way nicer than getting tossed in!!!
We always have fun at Aunt Lynn's...Blue and I were surrounded by some of our closest Weimie friends who live on the East Coast...
Bunker was there with his parents, Katie and Brian. He's a big handsome BLUE Weim from PA.
Storm and Sky were there too, with their momma, Tracy and sis, Britt. Britt loves Blue and was giving him little snacks when he was lounging by the pool!
Then, of course, our cuzzies were there... Auntie Lynn and Uncle John's Fearsome Foursome: Ms Silkie Dawg, BIG BOY Gunner, Scout (I got a little crush on him ;-)!!) and little Schatze (who also likes Blue!)
We are so tired... we slept the whole way home from PA and even today are pretty zonked. The couch is just comfy right now...
I think I heard ma say something about grilling for dinner tonight so maybe just maybe.... HOT DOGS?!
ciao for now...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

NO hot dogs!

um, we just got back and I gotta say, it was fun but... Da threw me in the pool! :shock: TWICE! :shock: :shock: Not very nice at all!!! Although I must admit it WAS refreshing. We had fun running and playing but I am a little sad and have to tattle... there was Weims and cheese hot dogs. (I guess it's better for my figure... too many snorks n porks and I'll be that chunkalunk that Ma and Da picked up 4 yrs ago all over again!)
Blue went swimming too. AND he got a ride in Scout's stroller when he got too tired--> Wait til you see the pictures!

I'll post more on the blog about this tomorrow; tonight, I'm beat!

Weim and Cheese!

I can't wait... tomorrow we're going to Auntie Lynn and Uncle John's for the second annual Weim and Cheese Gathering!!!
She has lots of land for romping, 4 Weimies, a pool and....there's gonna be HOTDOGS!!!

I will post pictures and a full report's off to bed so I can dream about it


Monday, July 12, 2010

A little history about the HDO

HDO = Hot Dog Obsession...

So I'm sure you all know I am a rescue. Ma and Da met me in my first home 4 yrs ago. It was a nice house with 5 kids. The youngest was the same age as me (Ma and Da offered to adopt her too! LOL) and she shared all her food with me. No one really had a lot of time for me so they decided to find a better home for me...along comes Ma and Da and Blue for a visit. I played it real cool. I was all coy around Blue and didn't pay much attention to them. We all went for a walk, but I pulled hard and it was sleeting. (I didn't get lots of walkies, so who could blame me for pulling ya know?) Anyway back to the kiddo, treats and no walking... guess who was a little chubby? Me! I dont know if that was a good or bad thing, in fact I heard them discussing it while they were at the house and I thought maybe they might not like me because I was a chunkalunk AND I was losing my fur...Well I decided to give Ma a quick kiss when they were leaving (to go home and think about adding me to their family). It was an afterthought, really, but ma says I had her at goodbye! (Yippee!!) So they call my old owner and tell her they'd like to come back to get me for a visit (yeah, visit...) after the holiday...2 weeks seemed to take forever, but then the day came!
The old family loaded me up with 2 bones (one was for Blue), my bed and bowl. When we all met up, ma asked what to feed me since they sent me without food (?!) My old owner said oh, just Kibbles and Bits... but,
AND THIS IS THE QUOTE THAT STARTED IT ALL: "You don't have to feed her today, I fed her HOTDOGS at breakfast!"

There you have it, June-fans...the obsession began that day... for Ma and Da. LOL.

Here's a picture of me with my FAVES on Sunday. Ma & Da promised me some since we had none on vacation! Da showed me the package of Best's and then he fired up the grill and we had a bbq with Grammy :-)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My first post...

hello Cyberworld, June here...
Just got back from our annual LBI vacation and guess what? I didnt have one hotdog the whole week! It's just not fair.
I have a few pictures from when we got home... Da (that's Irish for my dad) took a few snaps of me with a fake hot dog... a squeeker stuffy in the shape of a hot dog...Like this one (This hot dog was given to me by our friend Linda in Minnesota) It didn't taste half as good as my FAVORITE... Best's. Aint nothing better than a Best!
I'll be back soon to post about some of the adventures me and Blue had down the shore this past week!