Monday, July 26, 2010

birthday treats

Today is Blue's 13th 12:01 ma, da and I sang to him.
Tonight, I think he gets special yummies like a steak and icecream. He's a very lucky boy to have found our ma and da and I am very grateful he did, too...becuase he's such a good boy, they wanted to bring me home too!!!

The first picture is from his seventh birthday (his first w/ ma and da) Isn't he a handsome boy!

And here is a slideshow from tonight... he got a card from his friends Romy and Seedge in NC, boar steak, a pierogi and ice cream!!


  1. Hi June! We wanted to wish Blue a very Happy Birthday! We have a special birthday song we shall sing for him.

    What day is today?
    It's Blue's Birthday!
    What a day for a Birthday!
    Let's all have some cake!

    We hope he has a wonderful fun day (and that if he does get treats he shares a bit with you!)

  2. Happy Birthday Blue, we love you very much and are so happy you had a great birthday!