Tuesday, October 26, 2010

um, what about MY blog...

so ma started a new blog... for herself. Of all the nerve! So she's turning 40 soon...and decided to challenge herself for 40 days leading up to her big day on her ww forum. 40 'til 40
Supposedly, each day is a 40 themed challenge and a picture. Day 40 was 40 extra steps, 39 was 40 minutes of disco dancing (disco? wth!), 38 was 40 oz of extra water... you get the picture? Well I feel so slighted and have not had a chance to get on my OWN damn blog for days.
So I got a challenge for you, ma... how about you give ME 40 hot dogs!!



  1. Tell your ma I like her blog. It is nice to reflect on the day, makes you appreciate things more with how hectic life can get...

    Well you challenge her to give you 40 hot dogs, but never stated a time frame. So I guess over your life span with her you will probably get more than 40 hot dogs :P

  2. Hi June! We have been behind and haven't had a chance to come say hi in a while! Wow, your mom is almost the same age as our mom (she will be 40 next year). We think this sounds like fun - our mom should try it next year for her birthday! But we do think your mom should give you 40 hot dogs, then maybe for 39 she coudl give you 39 and things like that!

  3. WHAT???? I don't have a link to your ma's blog? HMMPPFF!

  4. Well, I just turned 48 three days ago and if it makes you feel any better,the 40's are GREAT! Still young enough to take on the world, yet old enough to know when it's time to head home and snuggle with the pups.=0)