Friday, October 15, 2010

Be the Change...

Blog the Change
Hiya friends!
Today is a Be the Change Day... My change I am bringing is to help support my friends Sagira and her Daddy in a walk for an amazing cause... Canines with Cancer.
Cancer affects everyone. You either have it or know someone who does. sad truth. It also affects us doggies. We lost a few friends to cancer...A few years ago, the Weim community lost Groovy. He was a very special Southern Weim whose brave battles were chronicled on aol by his mama, Cassandra.
This past year, we lost another. Rudy was a fellow rescue Weim and his mama is part of mama's group (TSWR) and is remembered fondly on our Rainbow Bridge page
Tyler is a sweet Vizsla that Ma and Da met a few years ago... her mama is the TSWR Treasurer. She fought a very valiant fight for way longer than the vets ever imagined. She lost her battle this past year too.
Last year, we lost Jake. Jake was most special to us... He was the Weim that changed so many lives. Because of him, Ma and Da became so close to Aunt Lynn and Uncle John... he was their 4th Weim... he made them foster failures! He had lung cancer and graced us with the last few years of his life. He was Blue's soul-dog brother and together they inspired many that Old Dogs Rule!

These doggies are each an inspiration to us and many more like them need our help!
Please join us in supporting Jeremy & Sagira in their 2 Million Dog walk to raise money and awareness to Canines with Cancer. You can read about it on Sagira's blog here

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  1. Awww...thanks so much June. We appreciate the support. We are up to $145 in donations for our walk already. :)