Saturday, April 13, 2013

I have a title!!!

Woohoo! I am now known as What's the Problem, June?, CGC
Today, Ma and Da and I met Auntie Linda, the Grayhart girls and our friend, Steve at the Old Westbury Gardens where the Big Apple Sporting Society held an AKC Match Show and had CGC evaluations...You knoe Ma's been trying to get a title on me for years, but we tried CAT and I just wanted to stalk the bag and then we tried Rally-O but I "tracked" and whipped Ma around the ring for a NQ :-(
Now, we all know I have two "legs" for my Most Eager Eater/Chow Hound title from Happy Tails Animal Rescue's Annual Strut Your Mutt, but that's not official AKC title...So recently Auntie Linda suggested that Ma give this CGC thing a shot (even though I LOVE to pull!) So we practiced with a martingale and I kinda' got the hang of it...My martingale is not so pretty and I don't have a NICE 6' braided lead to match it (Da calls these Weim-world problems, BOL!) so my pal, Jam lent me one of hers today! I think that sealed the deal ;-) because we kept practicing and sure enough, the very nice lady who did the evaluation quickly announced that the test was over and "Congratulations, CGC June!" Da was taking pictures and all of a sudden we looked up and saw (and heard) Steve and Auntie Linda cheering for me! FOR ME!!!! :-) I got lots and lots of treats and then I retired to the car while the Grayhart girls did their thing! Congrats to Jam and Little Miss Ember for their group placements and wins today!
What's next? Maybe a second shot at Rally? stay tuned..... ciao for now, ~hdj, cgc

Friday, April 5, 2013


Shout-out to my big little bro... he and Ma (and Da) went to a real agility lesson this week and he did REAL GOOD! Auntie Linda met them there (I did not go 'cause I'm all like "yeah, right... YOU jump over that!") and took pictures. Da also took some videos so Ma could review them and keep practicing. Foundations for agility are important as are strong obedience skills, so Ma's going to keep practicing front crosses, rear awareness (Ma needs to be aware of her rear too BOL) and 2on-2offs in the yard and go to another private class soon and then... Auntie Linda's going to help train them. VALOR, here they come... Hey, Mazeo, I'm proud of you... all that hupping in the back yard seems like it makes you happy, so keep at it!

In other Weimie news, I heard Ma and Da talking about Chicken or the Egg opening back up this week, so you know that could only mean one thing for us... ROADTRIP!!! Woohoo. We are headed down the shore for some beach activity and chicken wings. I'll be sure they take lotsa' pix and Ma lets me on the 'puter to post on my blog next week. ciao, ~hdj