Thursday, October 28, 2010

Howl-o-Weim time

Just wanted to let you all know I may be out and about on Sunday at my Petco. Note I say "my" because I am the queen over at the Clifton store where Da works. When I am there, I STRUT MY STUFF. And Sunday, I will be strutting my fuzzy self... yes, fuzzy.
It's been getting chilly and guess what? My fur has grown back! They are calling me "Her Fuzziness". So, since I am like royalty, I'm thinking that will be my costume...a sash with my "title" and a tiara (that should already be perpetually on my head! BOL)
The other thought is to go as...(wait for it)
a hot dog!

What do you guys think? Trick or Treating as the Queen or my favorite snack?

That pumpkin is one Ma carved 2 years ago. Can you guess whoooooooooo they are?


  1. Is there really a question? You have to go as a hot dog Junie! :)

  2. Well, better late than never, but I would have voted to go as a snorks and porks. Somehow I bet you did.

    Yea! on your new fuzziness. Is that kind of like woolly worms where the more hair the harder the winter? My two have their winter coats as well, it covers up KK's lovely pink spotted tummy more than I would like.