Thursday, November 11, 2010


so, like I promised... I finally got Ma off her blog long enough to help me download the evidence of the over ruling , er I mean snapshots of our fun adventure to the corn maze! Yeah, that's it!! BOL

We went back to Etsch Farms for the Loreal Dogtoberfest.
They have a corn maze set up and we were gonna walk it, but Da procrastinated all day and we didnt have time once we got there. Like last year,the awesome BBQ dude, Rodger's Real Barbeque was there, but he ran out of sweet potato pies! Ma was bummed, but we ordered ribs (YIPPEE!! Bones for me n Blue), corn bread, baked beans... the works. And then, Da saw it... the cart.

(Insert heavenly music here)

We were starving (Did I mention Ma and I went on some marathon walk in the morning and I was already pooped??) and drove 45 min for take out! More like fake-out if you ask me! SO anyway, back to the hot dogs...
We walked up and the guy had 3 left (I know you read this already, but it is so great how Ma did this...)
One for each of us, Da orders one w/ chili/cheese and one w/ onions. Ma says whoa, June needs a plain one. Da says we dont even need the bun, it's for her (meaning me, the princess) It had already happened... Da completely must have forgotten his dumb rule :-) SO they deliberate over who gets the one w/ onions and sit down to share them while a patiently waited for mine to cool...

I was drooling... Ma broke off little pieces so I could savor them.
Um, not so much savoring Ma, more like inhaling! Anyway about half way through Da remembers the rule TOO LATE! I got my hot dog! I helped clean his fingers from the gooey chili cheese and we went on or merry way back home...

but not without me chasing after the Hot dog Cart... wait mr. hot dog man.... there's no extras?

So now supposedly I gotta wait til like March or something. I think Da's a little extreme... what do you think?



  1. I think you da is totally extreme. MARCH???? Oh might just starve to death before then.

    Sounds like you had a great day out though June. I keep telling you you need to visit Ohio we have a lot of hot dogs around these parts. :)

  2. Junie, you must've stashed up on 4 leaf clovers and rabbit's foot! Love all the pic! And you're too cute!
    Naw, you'll probably get one for Christmas as a prezzie under the tree...

  3. Awesome job - and we are so happy for you.

  4. Awwwww, look how cute you are in that first photo. Any Weimer that pretty deserves a snorks-and-porks, maybe two. Arooooooo!