Saturday, August 7, 2010

feeling better

Thanks to all my friends who sent get well wishes!I'm feeling a little better...even was running around yesterday (Away from ma with the dang nailclippers!!!!)
While I've been resting my knee, I've been searching the web for (whatelse?) hotdog info. I found this neat-o invention that is quite comical...

A BARKING hotdog cooker!

I also found my DREAM CAR:
Can't you just picture me rolling down the block in that!

I even came across a sign from a hotdog place that is in VT but could be our house...

But, sadly, in all my searching, I could NOT find one photo of my faves online...I dont know why. Best's are THE BEST! Paws down.
I guess ma and da felt pretty bad for me with all my limping and whining...I saw ma put a pack of 'em in the fridge last night after she came home from food shopping!!! YIPPEE... we're having HotDogs today!!!



  1. That snork-n-pork steamer is adorable!

  2. Glad you're felling better. That is the cutest hot dog cooker evah!
    Since it is National Mustard Day today your Ma better serve up a hot dog---but hold the mustard :)

  3. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Enjoy those hot dogs June!

  4. hey June! Paw It Forward is a fun thing to do with the other bloggers. I joined in with Daisy, she sent me some treats and toys and in return I have to Paw It Forward to others. Linda was the only one that joined in on the fun with me though. Would you like to play?