Sunday, August 29, 2010


Sorry, friends, for taking so long to post since my BIG birthday celebration... Ma and Da have been taking pictures and I've been begging to get onto the computer, but everyone is so busy.
The end of the summer is such a fun time... I can't wait to go to Dog Days @ Ironwood in 2 weeks! I get to "swim". No one knew I liked to go in the water until our friend Jamielynn lowered the water at her job's pool and in I went! I dont go in too deep, but it's nice to cool off!! Here is a picture from the first year's event with ma.
It's a big day for doggies in southern NJ/PA/DE area. We have swimming fun, vendors and a tricky tray to help raise money for rescue! Oh, and they have a concession stand too...and you all know what that means... HOT DOGS for JUNE!!!
I'll post some more soon...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HB2ME pt.2

Oh. My. doG. It was such a fun night!!! While Da was still at dog school molding the minds of young pups, Ma started to prepare the birthday feast. I could smell it and my mouth was W-A-T-E-R-I-N-G!!! It was exquisite... kibble with grated cheese and chunks of Sharp Cheddar topped off with a Dirty Water Dog from a cart in NYC where Ma works!!! They put a candle in it and sang to me! After "I" blew out the candle, that hot dog didn't stand a chance... I don't know HOW Da got a photo of it without a big blur! BOL!!

Blue and I are lucky dogs. We found such good parents who make us feel so special on our birthdays and gotcha days...

After Ma and Da ate their own dinner, we waited for Georgia. She's our Mister Softee lady. (We're on a first-name basis.) She comes everynight and parks right in front of our house! Not good for Woof Watchers, but it is soooo creamy and delicious!! As soon as Ma heard her truck she went out and got me a vanilla dixiecup!!! Yummy... again not sure how Da got the shots, but he did... check out the slideshow of my Birthday Celebration!

It's my birthday!

I'm a SENIOR! I dont know how THAT happened. Ma says I'm still feisty so I guess it's not so bad getting older.

I hear they got me a SPECIAL hot dog for today so I'll post back later with more info and pictures... I'm off to celebrate!!!

for now...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

feeling better

Thanks to all my friends who sent get well wishes!I'm feeling a little better...even was running around yesterday (Away from ma with the dang nailclippers!!!!)
While I've been resting my knee, I've been searching the web for (whatelse?) hotdog info. I found this neat-o invention that is quite comical...

A BARKING hotdog cooker!

I also found my DREAM CAR:
Can't you just picture me rolling down the block in that!

I even came across a sign from a hotdog place that is in VT but could be our house...

But, sadly, in all my searching, I could NOT find one photo of my faves online...I dont know why. Best's are THE BEST! Paws down.
I guess ma and da felt pretty bad for me with all my limping and whining...I saw ma put a pack of 'em in the fridge last night after she came home from food shopping!!! YIPPEE... we're having HotDogs today!!!


Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hi friends,
I've been limping and standing on my tippy-toes for a few days and it's really starting to worry ma and da. I heard ma saying something about Joe Namath and knee surgery! Normally, when they talk about the Jets, it's during football season and that hasn't officially started yet (I know this because Fireman Ed is our friend) so now I'm starting to worry myself...
All I remember is I was running in the yard and then as soon as I came in I had to hold my back leg up. It happens from time to time but this time it seems worse. I dont want to go to the vet so I think I will try to stay off it for a few days and take some aspirins. Oh... and milk it for a few HOTDOGS ;-)


Sunday, August 1, 2010


So ma left real early today w/ grammy...and when she came home I smelled it IMMEDIATELY... she was CHEATIN' on me and the old man... I mean sweet Blue boy!!! Can you beleive it??!! I mean, she must have rattled off about 5 or 6 names of dogs that were kissin' her wherever she was! AND, to boot, I think I even smelled a HOT DOG on her breath! Of all the stinkin' nerve... go out WITHOUT ME, come home smelling of OTHER WEIMS and to have eaten a HOTDOG...Oh! I am so hurt.
I heard her telling da that the puppy-by-proxy WON Best Puppy of the Match... I'm not sure what that means exactly, but she's pretty excited. I just hope it doesn't mean I'm not her number one girl anymore...
She did give us each a goody bag from Linda that had yummy treats in it, but really I think Blue and I need to go sulk somewhere and whine til we get our very own hotdogs...