Monday, March 28, 2011

more hot dogs!

I just had to post and tell you all that this weekend I discovered that those Grayhart girls are allright!
Ya know how my Ma's always hanging with them and I sometimes can get a little jealous? Well she did it again! She went to a big dog show this Sunday (even brought Grammy!) and before I even got a chance to utter harumpf and go sulk, she came home with a baggie of some bait that auntie Linda sent home "from the girls!"

What's in the bag, Ma???


and there was a few cubes of STEAK!!!!! nom nom nom... yummy!

Here all along I thought they just used Natural Balance rolls as bait, holy canolli was I wrong! Maybe I shoulda been a show girl after all... I mean if they get to eat hot dogs at these shows, how could I not, right? BOL
I dont know how they do it though keeping their girlish figures AND still eating the food of the gods...

So a shout out to my new bff's, Trixie, Jam and Savi... FANX, girls!!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Post-op Hotdogs

so, ya know how when you haven't had something in a long time it tastes sooooo good?
Well, today Ma bought some hot dogs! Not Best's but I gotta tell you, after the ordeal these past two weeks, any port in a storm BOL

I knew I was gonna have some today because I heard Ma typing lasternight and it sounded like she typed
h-o-t-d-o-g-s! (I'm so smart.)

It was DEEEEEEE-licious! (Finger licking good, in fact!... see me sniffing and licking Da's hands?)

Just a quick update:
today I'm feeling a bit better... the scar is still sore and nasty, but each day I feel more and more like my feisty self. Ma & I even had another fast fast in the nice sunshine.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

... and exhale

Dear blog friends, today I got my staples out... ouchie! The last 2 were tough and my skin popped so it looks worse than the first day :-(

the first words out of Dr. Bev's mouth were:
The mast cell tumor was Grade 1 and the margins were clear and I am considered cured!


No further treatments (even Benedryl) are needed, but Ma and Da are keeping me grain free since it's better for me anyway.

Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers!

Me and Ma took a nice leisurely fast-fast when we got home and now I'm gonna take a nap and dream of some hotdogs. I hear they are grain free!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's all fun and games....

Until someone ends up in a cone!

Man oh man am I still groggy. I know I'm off my game too becuase Ma & Da's been REAL lovey-dovey AND I'm letting them! I mean how un-June-like can I get? I can barely stand up once I take my pain killer.
SO my incision is pretty nasty, right?

I think it looks way worse than the dumb thing they removed. I just hope it all comes back okay... I dont want to worry my parents...especially after we just lost Blue boy. :-(
Grammy came by today to look in on me. I look so pathetic in this cone, but they all dont want me to go crazy and lick the staples. Those come out in 9 more days... I hope I dont have to wear this cone that long!

ciao for now, I'm off to the land of nod

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We're home!

June's Ma here again... She had the surgery today to remove the wart-y thing. What a nerve-wracking day. Had to drop her off between 8 & 9 am only to find she didnt have the surgery until almost 2pm! They say she did good and even got her nails trimmed when she was under!
She's sooooo groggy. She has pain meds but so far she's nodding off like an old man! She's wobbling if standing so I got her to go to place on her ortho bed and she's zonked. The staples and incision look painful.
No jumping or running for a few days, but you know June! Pain meds or not, she;s still feisty! Well, actually she did "allow" us to lift her in and out of the truck/crate which was a shock... she wanted to jump, but I think she realized it would be some much easier and less painful to be lifted...and who doesn't need a little boost now and again, right?
We should get biopsy results back in about a week and staples come out in 10 days.
Thanks for all the good vibes, prayers and well-wishes. :-)