Tuesday, September 14, 2010


As you can see, my friends, Grammy thinks I ate 4, but I also was getting bits of a FIFTH hotdog from our neighbor who came to the paw-ty too!
It was a BLAST! It was the Best. Dog Days. Ever. There were neighbors, puppies, prizes and there was even a wolf-hybrid! BUT, BEST OF ALL....THERE WERE HOT DOGS!!! In fact, I think they should call it HotDog Days next year!!
You all know how much I love them and how patiently I await eating them:

Well, I have to admit, Saturday I was a little piggy! BOL.
Before we left for the day, Ma only gave me half my food thinking I'd have a frank or 2 (or 3 or 4 or...) As soon as we pulled into the lot at IOC, I went crazy! I KNEW. I walked right into the pool and started splashing around and getting toys. I even was bringing them back to Da like a "real" fetching dog! Ma and Da said I was a VERY GOOD GIRL playing and swimming all day... they called me Esther Williams I was in the water so much!! BOL. I also was very good about sharing all the toys and gave them back to the doggies when I was asked to.
Our neighbors, Patty and Jim came, too, with Dakota and Skye, the Goldens. It was fun playing with them in the pool; usually D and I just race along the fence (I always beat him , though cause he's got a bum-hip!)
There was a homemade treat vendor there too and by the end of the day, Ma didnt win their raffle prize, so just helped myself to their treats! I think that was not a good idea though cause Ma got embarrassed...I did it while she was calling the raffle prize winners! (oopsie). Just before it was time to go home, the nice hot dog lady gave out FREE hotdogs to the doggies that were still swimming, so OF COURSE you know I had another one! I'm telling you, between Dog Days and the Rescue Picnic, IOC and TSWR really know how to throw a party!
When it was over, we packed up and headed home for our Annual Block Party...Ma got nervous we'd run out of food, so Grammy ran out and bought some... c'mon, guess... yep, HOT DOGS! We wound up not cooking them so there are 24 of my faves in the freezer!!! Da says I ate so many I dont get any now until 2011... so I wll be dreaming of them from now until New Year's Day!

Da took tons of photos, so enjoy the slideshow of Dog Days of September 2010:



  1. June...you're so silly. GREAT score on FIVE hot dogs. WOW! I don't think I have ever beat that record.

  2. Sagira, I treat eating hotdogs as an art-form! BOL! I dont even think my Da can eat that many in a few short hours!!

  3. FIVE snorks-and-porks?!?! Taren and Caelan say you are their hero and that their momma is too mean to buy them such yummy treats. Aroooooooo!

  4. June Bug you have 3 1/2 months to work off all those hot dogs for next year's feast. :)
    Love all the pics.

  5. Hi June! Wow 5 hot dogs is impressive! That is more then even our dad eats! And well, we think it is pretty funny that you snuck some of those other treats too, while your mom was calling the raffle - it sounds like something we would do!!