Sunday, November 7, 2010


Guys... I'll post a longer post in a bit complete with pictures, but I am so excited, I have to share.......
Yesterday, Ma became the coolest ma ever. I mean, she already is cool, but what she did...OMG

We went out. Drove 45 minutes to a corn maze and there was a hot dog cart. See where this is going?
So we walk over 'cause the maze was closing and Da was starving & the guy says I have 3 left so Ma says, perfect! One for each of us. Da goes and orders 2 for himself and Ma says whoa, one... We need the last with no toppings and no bun. (FOR ME!)
SHE OVER RULED HIS "NO HOT DOGS TIL 2011" rule. It was amazing, so fast and so matter of fact, he didnt even have time to dispute it and there I was eating a dirty water dog bite by bite while Da was steaming over getting hood-winked!

Ma's gotta download the pictures and you'll get the deets in a bit.

ciao for now.


  1. Oh boy! Can't wait to see the photos. SO happy your ma got you a hot dog before 2011. Wow, can you imagine waiting all the way until then to have another hot dog?

  2. Hee Hee Da's are meant to be hood-winked. It's good for them. ;o) Maybe you can sneak another one in before the end of the year, I agree with Sagira, 2011 is a longggg time to wait for a snorks and porks. Aroooooo!