Saturday, December 11, 2010

naughty or nice?

deer santa,
just thawt you'd like to see what Blue has bin doing all day! Everyone thinks he's the nice one and I am naughty, but here is proof he's a GRINCH when it comes to taking our Holiday pitcher.

I also have it on good authoritty that he EATS DEER ANtLERS! (Well I do too, but...)

just wanted to update your list since I know it's time to start checking it twice.


ps... heer is a slide show of the whole photo shoot. Ma and Da are making our cards this week!


  1. Aww... we love you and Blue! Loved all the photos. The snowflake hat is too cute. Starr also has one of those red and white things with the bells on it. The puppy thinks it is fun to chase her around with it. hehe.

  2. That's the way we feel about photo shoots too.

  3. I love Blue, and you too of course, Hot Doggy Queen that you are. I side with Blue I am feeling kind of Grinch-masy myself. Maybe a nice dive into a platter of fudgey goodness will help. Well, you better stick to the Snorks-n-Porks cause chocolate is bad for dogs, just saying. =0)

  4. I love the sweater personally..... Bailey would love that too! She's always cold and has the shakes!