Monday, December 27, 2010


So we gots a blizzard yesterday! Holy Moly, that's a LOT of snow out there... I had to tunnel my own path. Ma said I look like a monorail corralled in with just my nubbin sticking out! BOL.
Blue is snuggled up on the couch and Da's outside diggin out.
Ma and grammy are here inside wif us Weims.
Stay safe, friends!
~"Snowbunny" June


  1. And ain't snow the best? Ok, we may be a little partial to it.

  2. Hi June! We think it is too bad you got so much snow! We hope that it isn't too hard to clear out and that you are all able to stay nice and warm!!

  3. Welcome to what we've been living with since November! Stay warm June and Blue and Ma and Da!

  4. That is a lot of snow, and awesome photos to boot!It is beautiful, but I bet it gets old fast. Keep warm and stay safe.

    Poor Blue, it must be hard on his old joints.

  5. Wow..that is a lot of snow. But too funny to see just a nub stickin out. hehe.