Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the Big Four-oh!

hey there...dont know if you recall a few weeks ago, Ma started her own blog and left me and my fans high and dry. Well today's the big day for her. So I'm hoping she's done with 40 challenges and blogging about her WW pals and will shift the focus back to June.
This morning me n Blue gave her her newest "as seen on tv" gift (She has a bunch of them from us... that Billy Mays was a gift-giving GENIUS!) and a lovely card Da helped write while we dictated. I tried to explain that where I come from, each time she gets wished a happy birthday, she's supposed to give them a hot dog. I wished her a million times but guess what? NO darn hot dogs! Humpf.
I told her she's less than 6 in dog years, so nothing to worry about. I mean I'm 56 already. and the boy... he's well over 100!

Anyway, just thought I'd wish Ma a happy birthday again (still no hot dog???) and hopefully I'll be seeing you guys more often...unless she migrates her blog to be more public than just on WW. :-)


  1. Hi June! Happy Birthday to your mom! We hope she had a great day! Our mom will be the big 40 next November - she isn't really looking forward to it too much! But it sounds like your mom had a very good day!!

  2. Hey Junie, I am really sorry to hear about the lack of snorks-n-porks heading your way. I kind of feel that way about sweets. Someone is always depriving me, and I'm not happy about it either. I sent your momma a Happy Birthday already, but there is never enough Birthday wishes in the world, so here goes. Maybe this time you'll get your doggie. Happy Birthday Junes momma, and many, many more. xoxoxoxo A, Taren, and Caelan