Thursday, February 24, 2011

When it rains, it POURS:

Hiya, blog friends... June's Ma here.
We noticed a little warty thing on June's side (kinda like an extra nipple on her ribcage) about the week we lost Blue.
I decided to watch it for a few days and then about a week ago, we planned on bring her to the vet for a sr. checkup and to have it looked at since it started to get a little bigger and she was licking it red. I (of course) immediately though it might be a mast cell tumor. ER vet concurred (we took her in because I am a worry wort and on the heels of losing our boy, I'm even more of a nut when it comes to June!) and then Chris showed it to our regular vet... She aspirated it thinking what we suspected and today I (finally) got to speak to her. It IS a mast cell tumor. It will be removed on Wednesday. She will be under for less than 30 minutes and held for observations the rest of the morning/afternoon. Once the biopsy results come back we will know if it's benign (HOPEFULLY!) or a low grade so that we dont need to do chemo. The vet says she tends do go deep and wide to get clean margins...
It seems pretty simple but it still makes me nervous because she has to go under (not just a local) and we'll still have to hold our breath for the biopsy results.
Please keep her in your thoughts...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

winter walkies

Ma n me went for a nice long fast-fast today. We had the carpets cleaned so as soon as Clarence came, out we went! It was fun... I haven't been on a long walk like that in a few weeks with all the weather and grieving we've been doing.
We walked TWO MILES in about an hour. The weather was pleasant, but holy moley was it windy! My ears were blowin' in the breeze like the Flying Nun! BOL...
Ma sez this is all part of the Woof Watchers... less kibbles, more fast-fasts. She also mentioned switching my kibble (again) to a grain free, Bison food. Sounds yummy, but I kinda feel funny eating buffalos...
We're both tired (in a good way) from the day and I think we're going to do it again tomorrow or Monday! :-)


Thursday, February 17, 2011

woof watchers

So... I had to go to the vet TWICE this week.

The first vet visit was the ER and while we like the vets there very much, it's not a fun place to have to go. I had xrays, which FREAK ME OUT. The noises the processor makes is god-awful.
Then while there, everyone brings up my little warty thing that I started licking. Turns out it's suspicious looking. :-( Tuesday I went to our regular vet...we like her, too! She could not get over how fuzzy I am since taking the melatonin she suggested!!! But she also took samples of the fluid in the wart, so please keep your paws crossed that it's not anything serious like cancer. Ma and Da (me, too) are nervous wrecks!

The biggest thing is I hafta go back on woof watchers. I think I can still have me a hot dog once in a while (We all know the consequences if those get cut out completely BOL; see photo above of me HIJACKING the OSCAR MEYER MOBILE!) but ma and da have cut back on the food and increased my green beans and walkies.

ciao for now...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be My Valen-Weim!

Hi Friends, The LOVE BUG, here...
Wanted to let you know I will be out on the town tomorrow!

Come Meet the Ambassadogs of Tri-State Weimaraner Rescue!
Sunday, February 13th
@ Petco Rt 17 Ramsey, NJ

•Check out our February Adoption Drive!
(Be my Valen-Weim... all Weims adopted in February come w/ 6mos. Heartworm medicine)

•Meet Adoptable Weims!--Haze will be there

•Smooch-a-Pooch @ our Weimie Kissing Booth:
2 kisses for $1 donation to TSWR

•Learn all about “those dogs from Sesame Street

•Get information about fostering

•Sign up to become a volunteer

•Find out about adopting

•Weimaraner/Rescue Merchandise available

•Bake Sale for Humans and Canines

If any local Weim friends are interested in coming to Ramsey, NJ with your Weimie, please email mom. We have a few friends coming and helping out (Hi Savi!) We would love to see you, too!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jade's Senior Scholarship Fund

Hi blog-o-sphere friends!
I wanted to share something with you because it's something near and dear to our hearts at home. Jade's Senior Scholarship Fund is a brand-new program at TriState Weim Rescue for the ongoing care of the senior Weims. It was started by a wonderful family who adopted a senior girl a few years ago. Recently, they lost Jade and wanted to start a fund in her honor and memory for all senior Weims with TSWR. Read about them and the program here.

Losing a gray baby is a hard road to travel, but we feel the same about Blue as the Negrons did about Jade so today, Ma and Da donated to the fund in Memory of Blue.

Please stop by and donate if you can.

ps... the photo is a lovely keepsake we received today from our dear friends in Ohio, The Barnhills.