Monday, August 22, 2011

UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!!!!!!Fiona in PA

Not a Weim, but a great girlie who needs a new home ASAP!!!
this is from Ma's friend JL:

This is my pen pal at the shelter in Philly (dog I am paired up with to work with and try to find a home for).

They are REALLY full so she needs out whether it be by an adopter or foster home! If you know anyone considering a dog shes awesome. Good with dogs, cats and kids! Adoptions this weekend are FREE! Otherwise her fee is only $20 this month and includes UTD on shots and vaccinated.

Heres her video I made:

Here's her CL add:

Normally I wouldnt beg or send an email out like this but my last pen pal was put down and this girl is amazing. She deserves to get out. So please share her. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The celebration...

Woo HOO! Icecream and a hotdog!!

Here are a few photos and a video, too. I was such a nice girl and even SHARED my ice-cream wif Haze...

This was an AWESOME Birthday!


Today is my ninth birfday!

Ma and Da sang to me at midnight.
I got a special email from Dogster sending along good wishes and letting me know that I will be featured in their daily Birthday Stroll on their site!

When the heck did I get OLD? I mean, just a few months ago discovered my calling with Coursing and Rally and am amping up for competitions... BOL

Ma told me today that she's bringing me home a dirty-water dog from a NYC pushcart and hopefully Georgia will come by and I'll get an icecream cone to celebrate! (Haze is wondering what's going on wif all the singin' & celebratin' and now he can't wait til his birfday BOL!)

I'll post some pitures latah'

ciao for now.
~Birfday Junie

Friday, August 12, 2011

Flashback Friday

yes, this is really me....well is WAS really me. About a week or so after Ma and Da took me home to NJ.
As you can see I did have a little more fur back then, but jeezaloo, I have no waist!
Many of you know I am a lifetime member of Woof Watchers and am quite svelte now...

Weims are not meant to look like barrels or labs... we should have a pronounced waist and tucked up tummy. If you or some-Weim you know is a bit chubby, tell them about my regimen. Cut the kibble in HALF, supplement volume with 1/2 can of no salt green beans, carrots and increase exercise. I get 2-3 30 min fast-fasts a day, 15-20 min rally training a few times per week, romps in the park and looooong walks on weekends.

This is Haze right before he came to live with us:
He also has followed this regimen with the addition of retrieving practice in the yard/ water and obedience training in class for 1-2 hrs per week.

We are now the most mentally and physically fit in our lives!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rally Match

So... Ma knows I will rock the Rally courses, but she and Da really want to get Haze into it to work on his concentration so he can become and agility star... Last weekend, they loaded up the truck complete with a fan and some space sun shades and drove with Grammy out to Long Island for the AKC Canine Experience. They were there to help represent one of the clubs we belong to, the Long Island Weimaraner Club. They had a match for rally and agility run thrus available. The camera's batteries died, but Da got a few snaps of Ma and Haze-o Maze-o in the ring (right before that pesky dobie sauntered thru and broke his concentration ...he's a little dog-reactive ... just a little ::eye roll::) If only he could learn to ignore them like I do!!
Anyhoo.... here are a few pictures...

Please remember, this is the VERY FIRST TIME Ma and Haze attempted this. Lots of tight leash happening and he's got his choke collar and tags on which soooo would not be allowed in a real trial.

ps, I am going to compete for reals in my first 2 trials in Sept. I am hoping for a nice run and maybe just maybe a Q...or 2!

Thanks to Bonnie (HiBourne Weimaraners) for all her advice and compliments on our boy, Haze. It's so reassuring when you have someone you hold in such high regard compliment you!

ciao for now.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Farewell, to my friend...


Although Samick and I have never met in the furs, we have a close relationship with his peeps, Christina and Jeremy. Ma met them in Ohio when she went to Nationals and got to meet his brother Bokeh and sisters Sagira and Starr...
He was a special old boy who had a connection in our hearts. Alittle over a year ago, he became a certified therapy dog and shortly after that, was dx'd with an inoperable tumor.
Like Ma and Da did with our Blue boy, Chris and Jer opted to keep Samick as comfortable and happy as possible until he let them know it was his time and needed help crossing the Rainbow Bridge.
Sadly, that day was yesterday. Sweet Samick was compassionately helped to the bridge where he was met, no doubt, by Blue and many other heart-dogs and is running pain free and young again while they wait for us to one day join them.

Ma lit the candle to guide his way and to let his light continue to shine on last night.

His family is saddened beyond words right now, so my dear blog friends, please offer a little prayer of comfort and strength for them on Sagira's Blog

Here is a puppy picture of Samick

Rest in Peace, Sweet forever puppy

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ma's NEW Blog

As if she doesn't do too much already, Ma FINALLY started a design blog for her artwork! Check out her 2k Designs blog!

Haze is hoping that evenchewally, she'll have the time to find his voice for his own blog too...He's been doing alot of training work. He's trying to get ready for some Rally. (We BOTH are) I fink I am a little better but I am older and less reactive so Ma and Da have their work cut out for them wif him BOL! Later this week she sez she's gonna post some pitchers from last weekend of her and Haze-O Maze-O attempting a Rally Match. Watch out! BOL

ciao for now and dont forget to check out/"follow" the new blog!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Ma entered a cool contest last week on JustWeimaraners and we found out yesterday WE WON!!! She' so excited too because the prize helped buy us some space blankets we need for traveling to shows and trials! She had been hunting around online for the best pricing and even started a wishlist/Weim registry on cleanrun's store website! Then she found the best deal on amazon and that's where the GC/prizes were for!!!

The contest was for 3 winners to come up with the 3 best finishes to this sentence: "You know you have a Weim when..."
Here is what she writed:
kellyann says:
JULY 25, 2011 AT 2:50 PM
…you have no problems getting up @ 5am to drive 2 (or 12 LOL) to do something “dog-related” like a trial, show, hunt test…but couldn’t bear getting up that early for work!

Then once Ma won, she posted this: BOL
kellyann says:
AUGUST 1, 2011 AT 3:45 PM
You REALLY know you have said Weim(s) when you win the contest and use the GC to buy dog trialing equipment LOL
justweims says:
AUGUST 1, 2011 AT 4:11 PM
Indeed! LOL

kinda cool.