Saturday, December 11, 2010

Secret Santa 2010

So we've been slackers... got our Secret Santas this week... Ma had off from work so didnt get to mail ours out...She promises though that Monday they will be mailed overnight!

Here is the slideshow I promised earlier. It's backwards... it SHOULD show mine first (but of course...) then the old man , er, I mean sweet angel boy Blue's then.... the best pix of all... me chowing down on my Holiday Hot dogs!!! But somehow,it starts w/ me eating! BOL Hey life's short... eat the hotdogs first!


  1. btw... yes, Ma is FORTY and still wears feetie-pajamas!! BOL

  2. did they ship hot dogs? I guess that means you get more of them before January huh? GO JUNE!

    LOVE seeing Blue with his Happy Hips treats. Love that boy, give him a big hug for us.