Sunday, August 1, 2010


So ma left real early today w/ grammy...and when she came home I smelled it IMMEDIATELY... she was CHEATIN' on me and the old man... I mean sweet Blue boy!!! Can you beleive it??!! I mean, she must have rattled off about 5 or 6 names of dogs that were kissin' her wherever she was! AND, to boot, I think I even smelled a HOT DOG on her breath! Of all the stinkin' nerve... go out WITHOUT ME, come home smelling of OTHER WEIMS and to have eaten a HOTDOG...Oh! I am so hurt.
I heard her telling da that the puppy-by-proxy WON Best Puppy of the Match... I'm not sure what that means exactly, but she's pretty excited. I just hope it doesn't mean I'm not her number one girl anymore...
She did give us each a goody bag from Linda that had yummy treats in it, but really I think Blue and I need to go sulk somewhere and whine til we get our very own hotdogs...


  1. Don't worry June, no one is pushing you and Blue aside. I do promise that next time we borrow your Mamma that we send home leftover hot dogs for you...she was our good luck charm today!

  2. Aww..poor June. I keep telling your ma she needs to bring you a playmate home.

    Way to go Savi! ! !

  3. Oh no, how can the momma be so mean? I think she needs to make it up to you and Blue and buy the hot dogs with the *cheese* in the middle. xoxoxo Andrea, Taren and the extra bad boy.

  4. snorks -n-porks WITH CHEESE IN THE MIDDLE???
    Oh. My. Dog.

    hey, ma.........