Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our visitor, Stanley Weim

hiya friends! On Ma's forum, they have a game like Flat Stanley going on. Stanley the Weim is on a tour of all the WA's for a week or so each! We just had our visit from Stanley the Weim and here is Ma's post about it:
We got Stanley early June and I wanted to bring him SO MANY places... We spent time in NYC during my work week... He was a great commuting partner and waited with me for my bus and walked with me from the Port Authority to my job (1 mile)! We saw 42nd Street (BBKings, Yankees Store, Madame Tussauds and Ripley's Museum) Then trekked through Times Square. I could not beleive how many of NY's finest would NOT pose with him for a picture . We had to settle for a shot near the NYPD building in Times Square which is in the opening scenes of NYPD Blue. Then, it was off to Rockefeller Center where he took in the tourist sights. The rink is closed for summer, but he graciously posed in the gardens and with the famous Atlas sculpture. We walked across to 5th Avenue for some chi-chi shopping and a trip to St. Pat's cathedral... there was a graduation going on inside so we had to take pictures outside. We walked back over to Rock Center and he checked out Radio City Music Hall which is next door to my offices... then off to the second floor @ 1290 Ave of Americas... the hallowed halls of Rolling Stone, Us Weekly and Men's Journal! Stanley loved the hall of covers and posed with me in front of my FAVORITE Bruce Springsteen cover from the 70s! I mean a trip to NJ would NOT be complete without some Bruce! Stanley also helped my do some retouching at my work station and supervised from atop of my monitor all day. After a long day and a quick bus ride back to NJ, we spent the evening in Petco assisting my hubby during Dog Training and he got some Natural Balance treats! He really wanted to pose with Haze and June but they are not good with stuffies so, he was just as happy to go back to his "crate".
He was disappointed that he could not go to any events in the famous Meadowlands, but maybe on his tour, he might make a second trip this way and get a chance then!
He gets a pin for his collar everywhere he travels to...His pin from his visit with me is a blue pawprint--it's Blue's paw. There were so many landmarks and touristy pins to buy, but this just seemed appropriate. Also, I got him a passport. I entered in each person so far with their city and state. Once his tour is over in OCtober sometime, his owner will have an AWESOME set of mementos from his travels!

Here is a slide show of his visit (Again p-bucket is bass ackwards)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Haze Then (April 3) to Now (June 25)

Here is a small slideshow (We can't figure out why, but it goes in reverse!)
Ma made today documenting Haze's transformation from his first night here... on Woof-Watchers... to today. You can see his weight go down and the shape of his head change dramatically!
Unfortunately, no one weighed him when he first came to live with us, but he had to be easily 90 pounds. Da weighed him at the mega adoption day on May 21 and he was 80... he's perfect weight now by looking at him. Today we also had a professional photoshoot so when those pictures come in, I'm sure we'll scan and share them on my blog... you can really see the difference.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Go to place.

I know this command for a while now and I do it when I am told before I get fed. If my bed is near, that is place... Well now they are all about teaching Haze obedience and he is getting some lessons! Boy oh boy, he must be getting a workout in training class because laster-night he was so sleepy. Da was eating in front of the TV and we were milling around trying to mooch... well HE was, not me ! BOL (I was being my usual charming, well-behaved self) I did NOT have the horns on at all so when Ma told Haze to go to place I went to the bed first (angel-dog) and he was so oblivious from being worked all day, he followed and laid down RIGHT. NEXT TO. ME!
Can you believe?

We even stayed there until Ma gotted the camera from upstairs and was able to snap a few shots!
With listening like that, who knows... he may turn out with a title after all!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Guest post...


Excuse me, do I have any boogies up my nose?

Haze will be allowed to post on my blog from time to time until he develops enough of his own voice that warrants his own...
Bare with me.

Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm gonna be a C.A.T.??!!

no.... I'm going to take a CAT! BOL

So, you know ever since the Hair of the Dog, there has been a lot of talk lately about the CAT (Coursing Ability Test). Ma found out you need 3 legs under 2 different judges to get your title. Well, what the heck does that mean for me?

YOU GOT IT... Ma's applied for my PAL (Purebred Alternative Listing) from the AKC (and she and Da even have a long name picked out for me: "What's the problem, June?" they say it's from a Jamaican radio commercial. whatevs...)
and I am going to be eligible to compete for titles...not just like lure coursing, either... If I get my act together, she's gonna try me in Rally too!
But back to CATs...
Ma's been scouring the AKC website for a place to let me fly but up until now was disappointed that there were no local events in NJ and then last week, Auntie Linda sent a post from an agility forum all about an upcoming weekend IN NEW JERSEY!
Since there has been enough interest there will be testing done in Colts Neck NJ. on Sept 17-18. Dogs over 12" run 600yards. It is pass or fail. Dogs must complete the course with enthusiasm and without interuption within the maximum time for the course. I think I can do that!
It will be 4 events wif the peeps I ran wif at the 5k and because there's 2 days/4 events there's a good chance I will get 3 Q's/orange ribbons and get my title!!! I am so excited. I even posed nice for the pitchers she had to take for my PAL (They need visual proof I'm a real Weimie since we never getted my papers!) Now ma's new thing she's bin sayin' since me n Haze are rescued Weims who are going to be "officially" competing...

There's no Q like a RES-Q


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Paw it Forward, take 2!

Ma's reposting this since we olny have one player so far and we NEED THREE... Who else is in??



We signed up for a fun game called Paw it Forward from our Auntie Linda's blog and got our care package yesterday!!!

Ma's the worst at taking pitchers BOLthey are blurry, so here's a list of what we's gots:

2 yummy peanutbutter filled bones--one for each of us, although I wanted to eat BOTH!
a fun rope bone for tugging
a GORGEOUS braided leash for training classes and a leather agility tab
a stuffy in the shape of a star becuase we are SUPERSTARS!!(which I snagged and ran off wif before she snapped the photo)
AND... Joline added in home made doggy biscuits in the shape of WEIMARANERS!!!!!
Those are so yummy, fanx! ;-)

We signed up to receive a gift and then, we get to send presents to 3 friends!

Do you want to play wif us???
The game is lots of fun and here's how it works:

1. Post a comment on my Paw it Forward post saying you want to play. (Then email Ma wif your real address to send stuff)
2. Once you get your package, you must blog about your presents.
3. In your own blog post, ask 3 of your friends to play paw it forward with you and keep it going!

First three posts get to play...Who's in?