Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hiya blog friends! I thought I'd share a few opportunities going on this week to help support Ma's rescue...

Thursday May 31: Make sure to check out Three Scoops of Vanilla’s facebook page tomorrow. They are hosting an online auction in which 50% of the two Weimaraner items being auctioned off will be donated to Tri State Weim Rescue!
Weim bracelet up for auction 5/31
Weim necklace up for auction 5/31

Bid high for a great cause! 

Friday June 1: If you got outbid or missed the auction...or just have got to have another piece of TSOV jewelry, check out the ONE DAY ONLY sale on
The entire line along with our custom TSWR weim bracelet will be available for purchase.
Designed just for TSWR's fundraiser. Available ONE DAY ONLY 6/1/12
25% of all sales from their ENTIRE PRODUCT LINE on June 1 will donated to Tri State Weim Rescue! Shop til you drop!  

Saturday June 2: Natural Pet Expo at Ramapo College in Mahwah, NJ Come meet some volunteers and ambassa-dogs (maybe even Moi!!!) of your favorite Weim Rescue!
Outdoors, 11-4. (Rain date 6/3)
Email KellyAnn for directions and more info. 

Sunday June 3: PawPrints on the Canal in Northampton, PA Come meet some volunteers and ambassa-dogs of your favorite Weim Rescue! Contests, vendors, FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! (Rain or Shine) See the online calendar for directions and more info.  

We also still need some transport help for getting a few Weims to us...
Millie, Oscar and Myla need to come from Columbus, OH to mid-PA and Marley needs a ride from Kenton to Wheeling WV where her adopter can pick her up.
Kimber needs a ride from the Pittsburgh area to her foster in DE.
**Please email Patty at if you can help with foster or transporting!**

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Strut My Butt....

Um, I mean Strut YOUR Mutt! BOL Sunday was the annual doggy walkathon for Ma's friend's all breed rescue Happy Tails Animal Rescue and I went! Each year, Ma's rescue used to sponsor a 5k and so we would alternate which event we went to each year, even though we always had fun with HTAR. Since TSWR no longer sponsored this race, we were able to go!!! We invited Auntie Linda and her gray girls and I gotta tell you, we were a HIT!
So many people were impressed with how well behaved we were and how pretty we are! We had so much fun... strutting our stuff. There was contests and raffles and snacks and prizes. For humans and doggies. Ma won one of the raffle baskets... some wine and glasses (WTG, Ma!!) and me and the Grayhart Girls won some competitions!!!! You know, I'm not much of a competitor in the same venues as my pals, Trixie, Jam and Savi, but I held my own and even WON a ribbon!!! :-) For the second year, I was crowned "Best Chowhound"! Defending my title, this year I got a ribbon that proclaims: Most Eager Eater 2012. Ma now I can add my MEE title after my name! It was easy for me since we all know how much I love to eat...even weird stuffs! So it was an animal cracker, a matzoh, cheese doodle, carrot, lettuce and..... a pickle! The dog trainer running the contest could not beleive her eyes... we Weims were eating it all! It came down to a 3-way-tie and the run off was another carrot but this time, speed was the key. I gobbled mine so fast and I heard Auntie Linda shout Junie's done!!! Jam and Trixie tied for second place. We all got a baggie of yummy treats. Another contest was longest down-stay. I listen real good so Ma figured to try me at that to and I was doing so good... Next to Savi keeping watch on Ma... a few dogs moved or broke when the trainer walked through with a Boxer or bouncing a tennis ball. I stayed. Then Ma too a step back and I flinched. Out. :-( But I stayed on to cheer and watch the girls... first Jam went out, then eventually Savi leaving Trixie and the trainer's lab. Trixie even conquered her out-of-sight stay and then more tennis ball tossing. Not knowing what else to tempt them with, the trainer declined to toss treats and announced a tie. Trixie got the ribbon and the lab got some treats! We also got to really show how "nice" we are when there was a young visually impaired boy wanting to pet us. First Jam, since she is really a certified Delta Dog... he even got to give her a treat and you could see his whole face light up! He then went on to pet Savi and came near me. Ma explained that he could pet me too ad he was so gentle and told his parents i was soft "like a pillow!!" He liked me! He really liked me!! It was very touching becuase I know Ma is so proud of the wonderful therapy sessions Jam and Auntie Linda have and now we could experince that same heartwarming moment. Jam also greeted a few seniors in wheelchairs while we were walking around the pond. Oh, the pond!!! FULL. OF. GEESE. Guess who wanted to jump in after them?? ME!!!! After all that excitement, we went for some lunch and me and Ma went on a three mile walk with Jam and Auntie Linda. I had such a fun day and we all get along so nicely. I hope we can do it again soon! ciao. ~June

Monday, May 7, 2012

¡¡Cinco de Meyer!!

so, get this...I got to go to Cinco de Weimo this year and you know me... all I want is a few hot dogs! And, well-deserved I might add! BOL I mean Ma and Da have been promising me "lots of" ever since the Coffee Incident and I just knew Saturday was THE DAY!! I was counting down the moments until I could bite into a juicy hot dog! I had over heard Ma and her rescue group planning the menu so I knew they'd be there waiting for me... JL got there around noon with the trays and as soon as it was all set up I got my first one. Da made sure I got my first one from him. Each time he gave me one, he reported the tally to Ma...little did he know she snuck me one around 2:30! Well, after that, I set about to check in with my many friends from picnics past and a few new ones! Everyone was complimenting me in my fuzzy fur that's grown in recently and they also noticed how hard I've worked at getting back in shape since Haze came to live with us! I just kinda spent the rest of the time bopping around trying to get some suckers, I mean friends, to sneak me a hotdog or two... no luck. :-(
Then at the end of the day (well not really the end of the day, but we had to leave early) Da wanted to show off our skills (his dog training and my stellar obedience)... so he laid the last hot dog down and got me to sit, down and leave it/wait... I was so good, drooling but not moving a muscle just waiting for my beautiful reward and along comes Jordan and he STOLE MY LAST HOT DOG! I nearly lost it... but Da went and got me another one and I got it "free"!!! Grand tally: FIVE Cinco de Meyer. get it... five Oscar Meyer ciao. ~Junie