Thursday, October 28, 2010

Howl-o-Weim time

Just wanted to let you all know I may be out and about on Sunday at my Petco. Note I say "my" because I am the queen over at the Clifton store where Da works. When I am there, I STRUT MY STUFF. And Sunday, I will be strutting my fuzzy self... yes, fuzzy.
It's been getting chilly and guess what? My fur has grown back! They are calling me "Her Fuzziness". So, since I am like royalty, I'm thinking that will be my costume...a sash with my "title" and a tiara (that should already be perpetually on my head! BOL)
The other thought is to go as...(wait for it)
a hot dog!

What do you guys think? Trick or Treating as the Queen or my favorite snack?

That pumpkin is one Ma carved 2 years ago. Can you guess whoooooooooo they are?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

um, what about MY blog...

so ma started a new blog... for herself. Of all the nerve! So she's turning 40 soon...and decided to challenge herself for 40 days leading up to her big day on her ww forum. 40 'til 40
Supposedly, each day is a 40 themed challenge and a picture. Day 40 was 40 extra steps, 39 was 40 minutes of disco dancing (disco? wth!), 38 was 40 oz of extra water... you get the picture? Well I feel so slighted and have not had a chance to get on my OWN damn blog for days.
So I got a challenge for you, ma... how about you give ME 40 hot dogs!!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Please vote for my friend!

This is a special shout out for my pals Sagira and Starr (And Harley & Samick!!):

Sagira is entered in a costume contest through Trupanion Pet Insurance. She is down by THREE votes right now. We really need to beat the kitty and the Goldens...goldens always win. LOL

If you're on Facebook, please "Like" the Trupanion Pet Insurance page. Then go to their Halloween 2010 photo album and click on Sagira's photo. Then press the "Like" button her photo inside that album and that is how the vote is counted.

You can try this link, but not sure if it will work or not?

Thanks you guys! Sagira & Starr want the $25 Petco Gift card!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rescue Calendar

Even though I'm not gracing any of the pages of this rescue calendar... it is spectacular! Ma designed the pages using the winners of TSWR's Annual Photo Contest... William Wegman is the judge so you know they're good shots! ;-)
All the money raised goes directly to the Weims of TriState Weim Rescue.
Calendars make great year-end gifts for friends and relatives no matter what holiday you choose to celebrate...
Click here and shop early to avoid the Black-Friday rush!!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Be the Change...

Blog the Change
Hiya friends!
Today is a Be the Change Day... My change I am bringing is to help support my friends Sagira and her Daddy in a walk for an amazing cause... Canines with Cancer.
Cancer affects everyone. You either have it or know someone who does. sad truth. It also affects us doggies. We lost a few friends to cancer...A few years ago, the Weim community lost Groovy. He was a very special Southern Weim whose brave battles were chronicled on aol by his mama, Cassandra.
This past year, we lost another. Rudy was a fellow rescue Weim and his mama is part of mama's group (TSWR) and is remembered fondly on our Rainbow Bridge page
Tyler is a sweet Vizsla that Ma and Da met a few years ago... her mama is the TSWR Treasurer. She fought a very valiant fight for way longer than the vets ever imagined. She lost her battle this past year too.
Last year, we lost Jake. Jake was most special to us... He was the Weim that changed so many lives. Because of him, Ma and Da became so close to Aunt Lynn and Uncle John... he was their 4th Weim... he made them foster failures! He had lung cancer and graced us with the last few years of his life. He was Blue's soul-dog brother and together they inspired many that Old Dogs Rule!

These doggies are each an inspiration to us and many more like them need our help!
Please join us in supporting Jeremy & Sagira in their 2 Million Dog walk to raise money and awareness to Canines with Cancer. You can read about it on Sagira's blog here

Sunday, October 3, 2010


WOW! What a day...
Today was the Breeds in Need/Meet and Greet at PetCo. Ma & I went early to set up. When we first got there, the Greyhound Rescue was there. I met Frank and Sasha. The man is really nice, too... Ma sees them there from time to time, but this is the first time I met them!
So we set up and soon, our friends and fellow TSWR Volunteers Bree and Lori came with Rex and Arrow to be ambassa-dogs. Arrow was with us the last time in the other Petco and Rex is my friend now from a few TSWR events we've been to together!

Quite a few people stopped by our area checking out the "pretty gray dogs" and let me tell you all something...

We got all kinds of petting and raised alot of donations :-)

One lady asked what the "Donation Dog" vest was so Ma explained that if I am walking around, people can tuck money in the pockets. She said I was like a stripper! Where's the pole? Then ma told her I give new meaning to the term "lap dance" (WTH??!!) She got a big chuckle and proceeded to tuck a few bills... in the jar! (Ma thinks maybe she felt funny "tucking" them in my vest)

And Da of course, was there working, so he paraded me around in the store and I did all my Demo-Dog tricks. And I got a FIVE tucked by a little boy who begged his mommy for $ to donate!

...I work hard for the money; so hard for it honey! BOL
Honestly though, now I am pooped. I am so tired that I can't even muster enough energy to put my head on the bed!

It was fun day and a great cause. I can't wait to do it again.