Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Secret Santa on Weim Addict!!

Deer Secret Santa,
We thought we weren't good doggies dis year and were gonna miss out on swapping prezzies. I was even more disappointed 'cuz Ma usually is on this sort of stuff. And also because lasteryear we had so much fun on Blue's last Secret Swap and I fink dis year Haze deserves to get in on the fun!! It's his first Christmas wif us and I think even though he's a bad boy around udder doggies, and sometimes he can be a pest, he's really a good boy and I kinda' like him now! know what I want (hot dogs!!!) but here is a wishlist from both of us:
bully sticks
grain-free biscuits/treats
stuffies (I get to destuff/desqueek them and Haze nooks on the "pelt"
Yours truly,
Junie and Haze

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Bird-day!

Hiya Blog pals!
Just wanted to wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving and to voice my gratitude today...

I am thankful for my Ma and Da and family. I am thankful for hot dogs. I am thankful for the joy that adopting Haze has brought back into our home this year (I still miss my brother Blue!) and I am thankful for all the love and support I have from my friends on my blog and in real life!

ciao. June

Save a turkey...Stuff a KONG

Friday, November 4, 2011

I am so not a CAT

So I've tried Lure Coursing twice now at Matches and stopped part-way around and started stalking the bags! I like running after them, but I'd rather be hunting...
We all went a few weekends ago to the second Match. Even Haze cam along even though he's not into coursing. We got there so late but the nice lady who runs the matches let me in at the last second. I should have just run 2 practices, but Off I went on the Tallyho. Around the first corner and bam! STALK MODE. I crouched and crawled on my belly toward those darn elusive white bags. We all laughed and I ran towards Da and tried to finish but TIME was called. No ribbon for me. I gotta say I'm happy to get out and do these activities even if I'm not Qing, but I fink' Ma and Da get disappointed.

After the run, we decided to go for a little walk and work Haze with WATCH and focus on humans and treats instead of other dogs. He did pretty good. Then we took lots of pitchahs. Working, walking, posing...all in the pretty park with fall leaves and DUCKS.

We had a really nice day and after the park, we went to Petco to visit wif Auntie Sandra. Ma and Da took her to lunch and we stayed in the crates like the show dogs. We were good as gold ;-) Haze even got some more training in the petstore. He was a very good boy--even I'm impressed! The ride home he was so pooped he fell asleep on the door handle (He was seatbelted in and I rode int he crate). I fell asleep at home in Da's knee nook. Ah---the Weimie life!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Belle of the Ball!

Hiya Blog pals!
Yesterday was a HUGE day... We had a RESCUE PARADE at the WCA Eastern Futurity/Maturity. What does that mean, you ask? Well the show dogs gave us some time to shine in our own right :-) In between all the promising young Weim pups of future generations, our club set aside some time for rescued Weims to have a chance to parade around the show ring while a short bio about each of us was read! We even got prizes and ROSETTES like they do @ shows!

I was up first and I tried not to be so excited that I pulled Ma, but I couldn't help myself BOL...Da was takin' pitchahs, so he didnt get a chance to parade with Haze, but next year he will! We actually had about 10 Weims scheduled but a few had to drop out at the last minute and one guy was late by about 15 min (We gave him a ribbon anyways since he had come from a 5k race that he placed 6th in running dogs and 1 in running Weims!)

After we each trotted around, the show photographer set up his display to even have a special sign and took a group shot!

Friday, September 30, 2011


(Ma had surgery laster-week)
She wanted to post pretty pitchahs and thank all her wonderful friends and family for all the lovely get well wishes, bouquets of flowers, yummy fruit baskets, homemade meals and in-general help/support since her surgery!
She's feelin' a little bit better each day with lots of loving from Nurse June and Dr. Haze...and a lots of TLC from Da. We LOVE havin' her around all day, but we fink she'll be feeling good enuf to go back to work soon.

Here are just a few photos Da took of all the pretty flowers and fruits!
(too bad Da didnt take a shot of the delicious pasta et fagioli and mozzarella appetizer Lainey made; it was like a work of art and tasted so good!)...

Junie's Ma here:
To all my loving family and friends: Chris, Ma, Aunts E and Judy, Lainey, Maureen, Linda, Jeannine, Sandra, JD, TSWR, GSWC, Carole, Bonnie, Jim and Pat, Lisa, Jan, Melissa, Lisa, WA, WW/YOUniversity, my beloved dogs June and Haze and my pbp... Thank you all, SO MUCH for everything these past few days.... it means the world to me to have such support and love!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


The udder nite, me and Haze were outback sniffing around OUR TURF when I spied a weird looking cat...We started barking to chase it out (like we do with all the other darn cats in our yard) and it got real scared and lifted it's tail and squirted sumfin' on me! The freakin' nerve! Oh My Dog... it burned my eyes and nose and I smelled to high heaven! Da said sumfin' about a skunk (Maybe that's a smelly cat? I dunno)

I was going crazy rubbin my face on the concrete and grass. Haze didnt get squirted as bad since he was behind me, but he's a little bit stinky' too. :-( They told us that we'd be ok once they cleaned us off and that Blue got skunked once too... he even throwed-up form the smell; poor boy.

Ma had to run to Walgreen's to get baking soda for our "paste" So many people say use tomato juice but this stuff works better:

1 box baking soda
1 Qt. Peroxide
1 teaspoon Dawn dish liquid

Make a paste and apply to skunked area (careful of the eyes). Leave on for 15 min. Rinse with warm water. After drying, take a whiff, if we still smell, do it again.

Just a note of caution, do NOT pre-mix the paste to store, it can "explode"...just keep the 3 ingredients on hand. Another tip: we dogs usually get skunked when it's late and chilly. Try to check the yard before letting us out. Skunks spray OIL so rubbing with water will spread it. try to blot and apply paste in small areas. If after a few days we still stink (and we usually do, especially if it's damp or raining out) make a white vinegar and water solution (1/2 and 1/2) & soak a paper towel in it to wipe us down.
If the house stinks, spread cinnamon on a baking sheet and toss in the oven for a while on very low heat (200ยบ) Cautiously burn candles.

Ma and Da keep calling me stinky face, but I knows they still love me (and Haze). That pitcher is us after my treatment.... I HATED it, but I knowed Ma and Da was not hurting me, but it was SO COLD out I was shiverin' and barkin' and trying to run away! I was so traumatized, I let Haze snuggle close to keep warm BOL!

From now on, I'm staying away from striped cats!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lure Coursing MATCH

I did NOT PASS :-(
Who knew 600 yards was sooooo long? BOL! I did the coursing fun at the Hair of the Dog and I LOVE it but I fink that was a mini track to tease us and let us fink we can all run like the wind! Actchewally, I had LOADS of FUN which Ma sez is the main thing with activities for me... but I really wanted a ribbon.
So we got there and I was checked for soundness and Ma got a SUPER STAR bracelet... I was all set to run. I was number 8 and they were on 4... I was winnying and shaking and RARIN' TO GO!!!
Ma had to get me away from the course so I could calm down a second (Maybe this was my downfall? or maybe 'cuz I hadn't ever practiced on the big course? And then... I was up.
TALLY-Hooooooo and off I went. Down the stretach and thru the first turn and then I was running into the sun. Ma thinks I lost the bag... I looked up and saw Ma and Da so I ran over to them. They stopped the bags and so when I got back on course, they were just there and moving sooooo slow. I pointed them and stalked them. Since they were moving slow, I moved slow to sneak up on them BOL... Ma and Da were telling me to get 'em and take 'em but I was locked on point. Everyone was impressed with my point BOL and then they called time. boooooo. I had taken too long getting back on track and stalking that I didnt finish in time to PASS and get a ribbon. I hope I didnt disappoint Ma and Da. They said I was a good girl and had fun and then we took a walk near this lake, took some pitchahs and went home.

I fink I'm going to go to the next practice so I can get be really ready next time there is a MATCH or maybe an actual CAT!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

riders on the storm...

we've been busy cleaning up after Hurricane Irene...
Laster Sunday we had to evacuate and went up to Auntie Linda's... it was dry up there. Trees had fallen in her yard and the power was out, but we were all safe, together and no need for crates! (THANKS A MILLION!!!) While we were there we saw an eagl,
a BIG deer
and heard another HUGE tree fall.... TIIIIIIIMMMMMBER! It was a little scary!!
Me and Haze were really good about not getting to go out for fast fasts and even all week during clean up we've been good. We are bored and want to get out, but there is so much debris and "rat" water still around so we've been relegated to yard play. Haze was so happy playing fetch the other night wif Ma!
Anyway... back to the freakin' storm....we got a text in the afternoon that our basement was flooded and we headed home to see the damage. WOW. We had over 5 feet. Things were floating in the poopie water! The sump pump was working over time and evenchewally died :-( with about 2 feet left to pump! All our stuffs got soaked and ruined. We lost 2 dog beds and TONS of yummy Natural Balance treats!!!
Ma and Da and Grammy have been picking up the pieces, drying out photos, sweeping, mopping and making lists. It's very sad to see them so upset over stuff... We've also been very fortunate to have wonderful family support, friends offering their home, doing laundry and neighbors pitching in carrying things out and cleaning up. We are all in the same boat and even had to cancel our annual block :-(
It was just pouring out (again) tonight and the water/river may crest on Friday for the 4th time in a week. Since there's nothing left in the basement but a broken furnace and HWHeater, it's a waiting game for drying out, insurance adjusters and hopefully soon..... a remodel!

Ma and Da always wanted a tiki bar, so maybe there's the silver lining?


Monday, August 22, 2011

UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!!!!!!Fiona in PA

Not a Weim, but a great girlie who needs a new home ASAP!!!
this is from Ma's friend JL:

This is my pen pal at the shelter in Philly (dog I am paired up with to work with and try to find a home for).

They are REALLY full so she needs out whether it be by an adopter or foster home! If you know anyone considering a dog shes awesome. Good with dogs, cats and kids! Adoptions this weekend are FREE! Otherwise her fee is only $20 this month and includes UTD on shots and vaccinated.

Heres her video I made:

Here's her CL add:

Normally I wouldnt beg or send an email out like this but my last pen pal was put down and this girl is amazing. She deserves to get out. So please share her. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The celebration...

Woo HOO! Icecream and a hotdog!!

Here are a few photos and a video, too. I was such a nice girl and even SHARED my ice-cream wif Haze...

This was an AWESOME Birthday!


Today is my ninth birfday!

Ma and Da sang to me at midnight.
I got a special email from Dogster sending along good wishes and letting me know that I will be featured in their daily Birthday Stroll on their site!

When the heck did I get OLD? I mean, just a few months ago discovered my calling with Coursing and Rally and am amping up for competitions... BOL

Ma told me today that she's bringing me home a dirty-water dog from a NYC pushcart and hopefully Georgia will come by and I'll get an icecream cone to celebrate! (Haze is wondering what's going on wif all the singin' & celebratin' and now he can't wait til his birfday BOL!)

I'll post some pitures latah'

ciao for now.
~Birfday Junie

Friday, August 12, 2011

Flashback Friday

yes, this is really me....well is WAS really me. About a week or so after Ma and Da took me home to NJ.
As you can see I did have a little more fur back then, but jeezaloo, I have no waist!
Many of you know I am a lifetime member of Woof Watchers and am quite svelte now...

Weims are not meant to look like barrels or labs... we should have a pronounced waist and tucked up tummy. If you or some-Weim you know is a bit chubby, tell them about my regimen. Cut the kibble in HALF, supplement volume with 1/2 can of no salt green beans, carrots and increase exercise. I get 2-3 30 min fast-fasts a day, 15-20 min rally training a few times per week, romps in the park and looooong walks on weekends.

This is Haze right before he came to live with us:
He also has followed this regimen with the addition of retrieving practice in the yard/ water and obedience training in class for 1-2 hrs per week.

We are now the most mentally and physically fit in our lives!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rally Match

So... Ma knows I will rock the Rally courses, but she and Da really want to get Haze into it to work on his concentration so he can become and agility star... Last weekend, they loaded up the truck complete with a fan and some space sun shades and drove with Grammy out to Long Island for the AKC Canine Experience. They were there to help represent one of the clubs we belong to, the Long Island Weimaraner Club. They had a match for rally and agility run thrus available. The camera's batteries died, but Da got a few snaps of Ma and Haze-o Maze-o in the ring (right before that pesky dobie sauntered thru and broke his concentration ...he's a little dog-reactive ... just a little ::eye roll::) If only he could learn to ignore them like I do!!
Anyhoo.... here are a few pictures...

Please remember, this is the VERY FIRST TIME Ma and Haze attempted this. Lots of tight leash happening and he's got his choke collar and tags on which soooo would not be allowed in a real trial.

ps, I am going to compete for reals in my first 2 trials in Sept. I am hoping for a nice run and maybe just maybe a Q...or 2!

Thanks to Bonnie (HiBourne Weimaraners) for all her advice and compliments on our boy, Haze. It's so reassuring when you have someone you hold in such high regard compliment you!

ciao for now.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Farewell, to my friend...


Although Samick and I have never met in the furs, we have a close relationship with his peeps, Christina and Jeremy. Ma met them in Ohio when she went to Nationals and got to meet his brother Bokeh and sisters Sagira and Starr...
He was a special old boy who had a connection in our hearts. Alittle over a year ago, he became a certified therapy dog and shortly after that, was dx'd with an inoperable tumor.
Like Ma and Da did with our Blue boy, Chris and Jer opted to keep Samick as comfortable and happy as possible until he let them know it was his time and needed help crossing the Rainbow Bridge.
Sadly, that day was yesterday. Sweet Samick was compassionately helped to the bridge where he was met, no doubt, by Blue and many other heart-dogs and is running pain free and young again while they wait for us to one day join them.

Ma lit the candle to guide his way and to let his light continue to shine on last night.

His family is saddened beyond words right now, so my dear blog friends, please offer a little prayer of comfort and strength for them on Sagira's Blog

Here is a puppy picture of Samick

Rest in Peace, Sweet forever puppy

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ma's NEW Blog

As if she doesn't do too much already, Ma FINALLY started a design blog for her artwork! Check out her 2k Designs blog!

Haze is hoping that evenchewally, she'll have the time to find his voice for his own blog too...He's been doing alot of training work. He's trying to get ready for some Rally. (We BOTH are) I fink I am a little better but I am older and less reactive so Ma and Da have their work cut out for them wif him BOL! Later this week she sez she's gonna post some pitchers from last weekend of her and Haze-O Maze-O attempting a Rally Match. Watch out! BOL

ciao for now and dont forget to check out/"follow" the new blog!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Ma entered a cool contest last week on JustWeimaraners and we found out yesterday WE WON!!! She' so excited too because the prize helped buy us some space blankets we need for traveling to shows and trials! She had been hunting around online for the best pricing and even started a wishlist/Weim registry on cleanrun's store website! Then she found the best deal on amazon and that's where the GC/prizes were for!!!

The contest was for 3 winners to come up with the 3 best finishes to this sentence: "You know you have a Weim when..."
Here is what she writed:
kellyann says:
JULY 25, 2011 AT 2:50 PM
…you have no problems getting up @ 5am to drive 2 (or 12 LOL) to do something “dog-related” like a trial, show, hunt test…but couldn’t bear getting up that early for work!

Then once Ma won, she posted this: BOL
kellyann says:
AUGUST 1, 2011 AT 3:45 PM
You REALLY know you have said Weim(s) when you win the contest and use the GC to buy dog trialing equipment LOL
justweims says:
AUGUST 1, 2011 AT 4:11 PM
Indeed! LOL

kinda cool.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our photo-shoot

So, we've been busy since getting back from vacation... Haze has been going to class and learning more for Rally... Ma practices with me on walks even though she should keep fast fasts separate from training, but you know her! She's been trying to get us ready for some competitions in Sept and Oct. I fink there is a match this weekend too, but I'm staying home.

It was so frigging hot last week, we didnt get much walking done, and I went a little stir crazy!!

Our pitchers came back from our first official photoshoot and we wanted to share them wif' all our blogger friends...

It was a fun experience and we had Ma and the photographer sweatin' literally! BOL Da took it all in stride as usual... you will see our lovely new collars and custom leashes. (Auntie Linda sells the leashes and we got a whole new wardrobe!)


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back from vacay....

Boy oh boy when Ma and Da go on vacay, they mean from EVERYTHING! No internet for 7 days... sheesh. What's a blogging girl supposed to do? Well, we took lunk head. I mean Haze. hehe! He's actually not such a lunk head anymore....I kinda like him allright. We sniff longer now but he did bite my ear 2 weeks ago. My fault; I started it, but wowzer did he finish. Ma realized later that morning, it was on Blue's birthday so she thinks Haze channeled Blue and he got back at me for taking that chunk out last summer :-( I digress....

Lovely. We got so much walks in. Even Da had fun on the fast fasts! It rained a few days so we were inside too, but it was relaxing.
As soon as we got there, we saw Kathy and she was so happy to meet Haze. She loved Blue, so another boy Weim is a-ok by her! Plus, we got him that bark collar so he wouldn't disturb her ;-) We sneeked up to the ocean one night but we BOTH were afraid of the waves, so one day, we went to DOg BEach... right near Fantasy Island...there were a few dogs but they left quickly since it was dinner time. I went in--my uzh, up to my pits, but HAze went right on in! Da started throwing driftwood out and he was going out to retrieve!!! We were all happily surprised!

He Likes It! He Likes It!!

Oh, we also had the best day early on.... HOT DOG DAY!!! WOO HOO!!!! It aint vacation without a hotdog. An I think Haze is starting to understand the HDO! BOL

When we got home, we went to Monksville for more retrireving practice with a bumper. We both liked it there.

Haze is walking funny past 2 days we're not sure if it's from us colliding in the tennis courts or he's running too much on them and it's hard on his joints... Our trainer, Kathy said rest for a few days and more mental training to see what's what. I know how much that stinks... I hate when I hurt my knee or shoulder and have bedrest for a few days. NOT FUN AT ALL. :-(

Ok, without further ado, here's some pictures from OUR VACATION and MONKSVILLE.... there's a lot since Da takes like 1000. ma uploaded about 200!

ciao for now...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our visitor, Stanley Weim

hiya friends! On Ma's forum, they have a game like Flat Stanley going on. Stanley the Weim is on a tour of all the WA's for a week or so each! We just had our visit from Stanley the Weim and here is Ma's post about it:
We got Stanley early June and I wanted to bring him SO MANY places... We spent time in NYC during my work week... He was a great commuting partner and waited with me for my bus and walked with me from the Port Authority to my job (1 mile)! We saw 42nd Street (BBKings, Yankees Store, Madame Tussauds and Ripley's Museum) Then trekked through Times Square. I could not beleive how many of NY's finest would NOT pose with him for a picture . We had to settle for a shot near the NYPD building in Times Square which is in the opening scenes of NYPD Blue. Then, it was off to Rockefeller Center where he took in the tourist sights. The rink is closed for summer, but he graciously posed in the gardens and with the famous Atlas sculpture. We walked across to 5th Avenue for some chi-chi shopping and a trip to St. Pat's cathedral... there was a graduation going on inside so we had to take pictures outside. We walked back over to Rock Center and he checked out Radio City Music Hall which is next door to my offices... then off to the second floor @ 1290 Ave of Americas... the hallowed halls of Rolling Stone, Us Weekly and Men's Journal! Stanley loved the hall of covers and posed with me in front of my FAVORITE Bruce Springsteen cover from the 70s! I mean a trip to NJ would NOT be complete without some Bruce! Stanley also helped my do some retouching at my work station and supervised from atop of my monitor all day. After a long day and a quick bus ride back to NJ, we spent the evening in Petco assisting my hubby during Dog Training and he got some Natural Balance treats! He really wanted to pose with Haze and June but they are not good with stuffies so, he was just as happy to go back to his "crate".
He was disappointed that he could not go to any events in the famous Meadowlands, but maybe on his tour, he might make a second trip this way and get a chance then!
He gets a pin for his collar everywhere he travels to...His pin from his visit with me is a blue pawprint--it's Blue's paw. There were so many landmarks and touristy pins to buy, but this just seemed appropriate. Also, I got him a passport. I entered in each person so far with their city and state. Once his tour is over in OCtober sometime, his owner will have an AWESOME set of mementos from his travels!

Here is a slide show of his visit (Again p-bucket is bass ackwards)