Saturday, September 24, 2011


The udder nite, me and Haze were outback sniffing around OUR TURF when I spied a weird looking cat...We started barking to chase it out (like we do with all the other darn cats in our yard) and it got real scared and lifted it's tail and squirted sumfin' on me! The freakin' nerve! Oh My Dog... it burned my eyes and nose and I smelled to high heaven! Da said sumfin' about a skunk (Maybe that's a smelly cat? I dunno)

I was going crazy rubbin my face on the concrete and grass. Haze didnt get squirted as bad since he was behind me, but he's a little bit stinky' too. :-( They told us that we'd be ok once they cleaned us off and that Blue got skunked once too... he even throwed-up form the smell; poor boy.

Ma had to run to Walgreen's to get baking soda for our "paste" So many people say use tomato juice but this stuff works better:

1 box baking soda
1 Qt. Peroxide
1 teaspoon Dawn dish liquid

Make a paste and apply to skunked area (careful of the eyes). Leave on for 15 min. Rinse with warm water. After drying, take a whiff, if we still smell, do it again.

Just a note of caution, do NOT pre-mix the paste to store, it can "explode"...just keep the 3 ingredients on hand. Another tip: we dogs usually get skunked when it's late and chilly. Try to check the yard before letting us out. Skunks spray OIL so rubbing with water will spread it. try to blot and apply paste in small areas. If after a few days we still stink (and we usually do, especially if it's damp or raining out) make a white vinegar and water solution (1/2 and 1/2) & soak a paper towel in it to wipe us down.
If the house stinks, spread cinnamon on a baking sheet and toss in the oven for a while on very low heat (200ยบ) Cautiously burn candles.

Ma and Da keep calling me stinky face, but I knows they still love me (and Haze). That pitcher is us after my treatment.... I HATED it, but I knowed Ma and Da was not hurting me, but it was SO COLD out I was shiverin' and barkin' and trying to run away! I was so traumatized, I let Haze snuggle close to keep warm BOL!

From now on, I'm staying away from striped cats!



  1. Yes, Junie, you still smelled a bit after your encounter with Pepe Le Pew! But I still love you anyway :) Just goes with the territory of weimy-hood...maybe your Ma needs to get you out huntin!

  2. I fink you are right.... did you see the video of me "stalking" the cat outside the bedroom window?

  3. Oh man....the skunk didn't want to be friends wif you?