Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rally Match

So... Ma knows I will rock the Rally courses, but she and Da really want to get Haze into it to work on his concentration so he can become and agility star... Last weekend, they loaded up the truck complete with a fan and some space sun shades and drove with Grammy out to Long Island for the AKC Canine Experience. They were there to help represent one of the clubs we belong to, the Long Island Weimaraner Club. They had a match for rally and agility run thrus available. The camera's batteries died, but Da got a few snaps of Ma and Haze-o Maze-o in the ring (right before that pesky dobie sauntered thru and broke his concentration ...he's a little dog-reactive ... just a little ::eye roll::) If only he could learn to ignore them like I do!!
Anyhoo.... here are a few pictures...

Please remember, this is the VERY FIRST TIME Ma and Haze attempted this. Lots of tight leash happening and he's got his choke collar and tags on which soooo would not be allowed in a real trial.

ps, I am going to compete for reals in my first 2 trials in Sept. I am hoping for a nice run and maybe just maybe a Q...or 2!

Thanks to Bonnie (HiBourne Weimaraners) for all her advice and compliments on our boy, Haze. It's so reassuring when you have someone you hold in such high regard compliment you!

ciao for now.


  1. Glad you had fun at the Canine Experience Match, even without us this year, lol How exciting for you to take the leap into the rally ring...RN here you come!

  2. We missed you this year!
    I wish we had pictures from the agility run thru. THAT was so much fun and Haze flew over the bars :-)

    Exciting? Nerve wracking!! LOL

    And... it really is awesome to have *both* of you supporting us. We couldn't ask for a better mentor!

  3. How cool. I can't wait to see Haze smoking that agility ring. :)

  4. Thanks! I can't either; he's so athletic! And he's actually really into retreiving most of all...

  5. You guys are doing soooo much these days! I think it's absolutely awesome and I'm glad you are all having fun together as a family.