Friday, September 30, 2011


(Ma had surgery laster-week)
She wanted to post pretty pitchahs and thank all her wonderful friends and family for all the lovely get well wishes, bouquets of flowers, yummy fruit baskets, homemade meals and in-general help/support since her surgery!
She's feelin' a little bit better each day with lots of loving from Nurse June and Dr. Haze...and a lots of TLC from Da. We LOVE havin' her around all day, but we fink she'll be feeling good enuf to go back to work soon.

Here are just a few photos Da took of all the pretty flowers and fruits!
(too bad Da didnt take a shot of the delicious pasta et fagioli and mozzarella appetizer Lainey made; it was like a work of art and tasted so good!)...

Junie's Ma here:
To all my loving family and friends: Chris, Ma, Aunts E and Judy, Lainey, Maureen, Linda, Jeannine, Sandra, JD, TSWR, GSWC, Carole, Bonnie, Jim and Pat, Lisa, Jan, Melissa, Lisa, WA, WW/YOUniversity, my beloved dogs June and Haze and my pbp... Thank you all, SO MUCH for everything these past few days.... it means the world to me to have such support and love!


  1. WOW...that is a lot of people. I'm sorry I should have sent a card. :( I'm such a bad friend. But I sure do hope that you are feeling better and the surgery went well.

  2. I didnt tell everyone ahead of time... Dont be silly! :-)You are a good friend!!

  3. I think I'm late to the party too but I'm glad to hear you're recovering well! Keep getting better and take advantage of all that time you have with da doggies.

  4. Me three, I didn't know you had surgery.

    Hope you are healing well. Sending tons of positive,healing thoughts and prayers your way.