Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lure Coursing MATCH

I did NOT PASS :-(
Who knew 600 yards was sooooo long? BOL! I did the coursing fun at the Hair of the Dog and I LOVE it but I fink that was a mini track to tease us and let us fink we can all run like the wind! Actchewally, I had LOADS of FUN which Ma sez is the main thing with activities for me... but I really wanted a ribbon.
So we got there and I was checked for soundness and Ma got a SUPER STAR bracelet... I was all set to run. I was number 8 and they were on 4... I was winnying and shaking and RARIN' TO GO!!!
Ma had to get me away from the course so I could calm down a second (Maybe this was my downfall? or maybe 'cuz I hadn't ever practiced on the big course? And then... I was up.
TALLY-Hooooooo and off I went. Down the stretach and thru the first turn and then I was running into the sun. Ma thinks I lost the bag... I looked up and saw Ma and Da so I ran over to them. They stopped the bags and so when I got back on course, they were just there and moving sooooo slow. I pointed them and stalked them. Since they were moving slow, I moved slow to sneak up on them BOL... Ma and Da were telling me to get 'em and take 'em but I was locked on point. Everyone was impressed with my point BOL and then they called time. boooooo. I had taken too long getting back on track and stalking that I didnt finish in time to PASS and get a ribbon. I hope I didnt disappoint Ma and Da. They said I was a good girl and had fun and then we took a walk near this lake, took some pitchahs and went home.

I fink I'm going to go to the next practice so I can get be really ready next time there is a MATCH or maybe an actual CAT!!!


  1. Oh man....sounds like you had fun though June. Maybe next time you will get that ribbon. Did your mom take video? Would LOVE to see video of you doing this. :)

  2. there is a video, but we need to edit Da cussing! BOL.

  3. You did great, June! You can't help it your pointing roots took over:) I would've loved to see that by the way!