Monday, August 22, 2011

UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!!!!!!Fiona in PA

Not a Weim, but a great girlie who needs a new home ASAP!!!
this is from Ma's friend JL:

This is my pen pal at the shelter in Philly (dog I am paired up with to work with and try to find a home for).

They are REALLY full so she needs out whether it be by an adopter or foster home! If you know anyone considering a dog shes awesome. Good with dogs, cats and kids! Adoptions this weekend are FREE! Otherwise her fee is only $20 this month and includes UTD on shots and vaccinated.

Heres her video I made:

Here's her CL add:

Normally I wouldnt beg or send an email out like this but my last pen pal was put down and this girl is amazing. She deserves to get out. So please share her. Thanks!


  1. What a cutie. Hope she finds a forever home.

  2. I am happy as can be to announce I just got word that Fiona was adopted yesterday!!! Her foster mom sent me a photo of the happy family :-) HOORAY!