Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our photo-shoot

So, we've been busy since getting back from vacation... Haze has been going to class and learning more for Rally... Ma practices with me on walks even though she should keep fast fasts separate from training, but you know her! She's been trying to get us ready for some competitions in Sept and Oct. I fink there is a match this weekend too, but I'm staying home.

It was so frigging hot last week, we didnt get much walking done, and I went a little stir crazy!!

Our pitchers came back from our first official photoshoot and we wanted to share them wif' all our blogger friends...

It was a fun experience and we had Ma and the photographer sweatin' literally! BOL Da took it all in stride as usual... you will see our lovely new collars and custom leashes. (Auntie Linda sells the leashes and we got a whole new wardrobe!)



  1. The photos turned out awesome. What is in the mouth making it look pink in some of them? I love all your collars and leashes. One of these days we hope to be able to afford to get Bokeh and Sagira a Linda leash and collar, they are SO nice.

  2. I did NOT eat a flamingo! BOL... It is a hot pink feaver rfom da lady taking the pichers! She had a buncha toys and I likeded that one. Ma and Da didnt' even see it until they were looking at the digital proofs. We all cracked up (Grammy was there too; she buyed our pitchers for us)


  3. Great shots! Love the "flying" ears.