Sunday, October 9, 2011

Belle of the Ball!

Hiya Blog pals!
Yesterday was a HUGE day... We had a RESCUE PARADE at the WCA Eastern Futurity/Maturity. What does that mean, you ask? Well the show dogs gave us some time to shine in our own right :-) In between all the promising young Weim pups of future generations, our club set aside some time for rescued Weims to have a chance to parade around the show ring while a short bio about each of us was read! We even got prizes and ROSETTES like they do @ shows!

I was up first and I tried not to be so excited that I pulled Ma, but I couldn't help myself BOL...Da was takin' pitchahs, so he didnt get a chance to parade with Haze, but next year he will! We actually had about 10 Weims scheduled but a few had to drop out at the last minute and one guy was late by about 15 min (We gave him a ribbon anyways since he had come from a 5k race that he placed 6th in running dogs and 1 in running Weims!)

After we each trotted around, the show photographer set up his display to even have a special sign and took a group shot!


  1. BOL! I love that June's nose is to the ground! In true hunting dog style:)

  2. Way to go June! That is so nice that they gave the rescues a chance to shine as well. You look beautiful out there.

  3. Yep, we still have the water bottles. I only have ones w/o straws left but the others might have some with straws. I need to get one of those put up on Ebay to, thanks for reminding me. :)