Friday, August 12, 2011

Flashback Friday

yes, this is really me....well is WAS really me. About a week or so after Ma and Da took me home to NJ.
As you can see I did have a little more fur back then, but jeezaloo, I have no waist!
Many of you know I am a lifetime member of Woof Watchers and am quite svelte now...

Weims are not meant to look like barrels or labs... we should have a pronounced waist and tucked up tummy. If you or some-Weim you know is a bit chubby, tell them about my regimen. Cut the kibble in HALF, supplement volume with 1/2 can of no salt green beans, carrots and increase exercise. I get 2-3 30 min fast-fasts a day, 15-20 min rally training a few times per week, romps in the park and looooong walks on weekends.

This is Haze right before he came to live with us:
He also has followed this regimen with the addition of retrieving practice in the yard/ water and obedience training in class for 1-2 hrs per week.

We are now the most mentally and physically fit in our lives!!


  1. Wow...what a transformation. Looking good my friend. Starr says hubba hubba to Haze. :)

  2. Nice going - they are definitely winners of the Biggest Loser! Hmmm, maybe I need to move into your house lol