Friday, August 5, 2011

Farewell, to my friend...


Although Samick and I have never met in the furs, we have a close relationship with his peeps, Christina and Jeremy. Ma met them in Ohio when she went to Nationals and got to meet his brother Bokeh and sisters Sagira and Starr...
He was a special old boy who had a connection in our hearts. Alittle over a year ago, he became a certified therapy dog and shortly after that, was dx'd with an inoperable tumor.
Like Ma and Da did with our Blue boy, Chris and Jer opted to keep Samick as comfortable and happy as possible until he let them know it was his time and needed help crossing the Rainbow Bridge.
Sadly, that day was yesterday. Sweet Samick was compassionately helped to the bridge where he was met, no doubt, by Blue and many other heart-dogs and is running pain free and young again while they wait for us to one day join them.

Ma lit the candle to guide his way and to let his light continue to shine on last night.

His family is saddened beyond words right now, so my dear blog friends, please offer a little prayer of comfort and strength for them on Sagira's Blog

Here is a puppy picture of Samick

Rest in Peace, Sweet forever puppy


  1. Thank so much Kel for posting this. It means SO much to know we have such great friends that truly cared about Samick and loved him as much as we did. Our house is SO quite without our boy and missing him bunches. Someone told us to not cry for our loss but to smile because it happened...trying so hard to do that as Samick was always such a happy boy.