Thursday, February 24, 2011

When it rains, it POURS:

Hiya, blog friends... June's Ma here.
We noticed a little warty thing on June's side (kinda like an extra nipple on her ribcage) about the week we lost Blue.
I decided to watch it for a few days and then about a week ago, we planned on bring her to the vet for a sr. checkup and to have it looked at since it started to get a little bigger and she was licking it red. I (of course) immediately though it might be a mast cell tumor. ER vet concurred (we took her in because I am a worry wort and on the heels of losing our boy, I'm even more of a nut when it comes to June!) and then Chris showed it to our regular vet... She aspirated it thinking what we suspected and today I (finally) got to speak to her. It IS a mast cell tumor. It will be removed on Wednesday. She will be under for less than 30 minutes and held for observations the rest of the morning/afternoon. Once the biopsy results come back we will know if it's benign (HOPEFULLY!) or a low grade so that we dont need to do chemo. The vet says she tends do go deep and wide to get clean margins...
It seems pretty simple but it still makes me nervous because she has to go under (not just a local) and we'll still have to hold our breath for the biopsy results.
Please keep her in your thoughts...


  1. Praying that it's benign. Give Junie a hug from her Texas friends.

  2. Sending well wishes and positive vibes for a healthy outcome and speedy healing. Hugs and sloppy kisses to Junie from Taren and Caelan.

  3. OH heart is with you. You must be so scared...I have a good feeling that things are going to be just fine for Miss June though. They have to be, she has way too many more hotdogs to eat in her life. :)

  4. Healing prayers for Junie! We'll give you lots of hugs this weekend!

  5. Oh we are so behind - we hope that June is doing ok. Our cousin dog gets those and they aren't fun but they are at least able to remove it. We are sending her tons of purrs and prayers!