Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be My Valen-Weim!

Hi Friends, The LOVE BUG, here...
Wanted to let you know I will be out on the town tomorrow!

Come Meet the Ambassadogs of Tri-State Weimaraner Rescue!
Sunday, February 13th
@ Petco Rt 17 Ramsey, NJ

•Check out our February Adoption Drive!
(Be my Valen-Weim... all Weims adopted in February come w/ 6mos. Heartworm medicine)

•Meet Adoptable Weims!--Haze will be there

•Smooch-a-Pooch @ our Weimie Kissing Booth:
2 kisses for $1 donation to TSWR

•Learn all about “those dogs from Sesame Street

•Get information about fostering

•Sign up to become a volunteer

•Find out about adopting

•Weimaraner/Rescue Merchandise available

•Bake Sale for Humans and Canines

If any local Weim friends are interested in coming to Ramsey, NJ with your Weimie, please email mom. We have a few friends coming and helping out (Hi Savi!) We would love to see you, too!


  1. Savi can't wait to work the kissing booth!

  2. You are so cute. I hope you guys have a great turn out. :)

  3. June, if we lived near by, Milo & I would both pay for kisses from you!

  4. How fun! Happy ValenWeims Day to you too!=0)