Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We're home!

June's Ma here again... She had the surgery today to remove the wart-y thing. What a nerve-wracking day. Had to drop her off between 8 & 9 am only to find she didnt have the surgery until almost 2pm! They say she did good and even got her nails trimmed when she was under!
She's sooooo groggy. She has pain meds but so far she's nodding off like an old man! She's wobbling if standing so I got her to go to place on her ortho bed and she's zonked. The staples and incision look painful.
No jumping or running for a few days, but you know June! Pain meds or not, she;s still feisty! Well, actually she did "allow" us to lift her in and out of the truck/crate which was a shock... she wanted to jump, but I think she realized it would be some much easier and less painful to be lifted...and who doesn't need a little boost now and again, right?
We should get biopsy results back in about a week and staples come out in 10 days.
Thanks for all the good vibes, prayers and well-wishes. :-)


  1. We are glad that June is home from her surgery! The groggy part will go away and hopefully she won't get loopy from the pain meds and can get back to being herself quickly. We are sending her lots of get well purrs and prayers and crossing all our paws and fingers (and between 7 cats and some humans that is a lot of crossing) that the biopsy results are good.

  2. Glad to hear that the surgery went well. Now our paws are crossed for good results (only kind we will accept, right?)

    Hang in there...and give her extra loving from our crew. :)