Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jade's Senior Scholarship Fund

Hi blog-o-sphere friends!
I wanted to share something with you because it's something near and dear to our hearts at home. Jade's Senior Scholarship Fund is a brand-new program at TriState Weim Rescue for the ongoing care of the senior Weims. It was started by a wonderful family who adopted a senior girl a few years ago. Recently, they lost Jade and wanted to start a fund in her honor and memory for all senior Weims with TSWR. Read about them and the program here.

Losing a gray baby is a hard road to travel, but we feel the same about Blue as the Negrons did about Jade so today, Ma and Da donated to the fund in Memory of Blue.

Please stop by and donate if you can.

ps... the photo is a lovely keepsake we received today from our dear friends in Ohio, The Barnhills.


  1. Aww...glad you received it. :)

    That sounds like a wonderful cause.

  2. It is! :-)...

  3. Awwww, Sagira's momma is a real sweetie,what a thoughtful gift.

    Lonesome Wednesdays....Bike season doesn't start for a bit yet, so I have all my gang back on Wednesdays. The poor hubby got tortured by the dentist last night so we all hung out and commiserated. Okay, *I* commiserated, the pups just bugged him. LOL