Thursday, February 17, 2011

woof watchers

So... I had to go to the vet TWICE this week.

The first vet visit was the ER and while we like the vets there very much, it's not a fun place to have to go. I had xrays, which FREAK ME OUT. The noises the processor makes is god-awful.
Then while there, everyone brings up my little warty thing that I started licking. Turns out it's suspicious looking. :-( Tuesday I went to our regular vet...we like her, too! She could not get over how fuzzy I am since taking the melatonin she suggested!!! But she also took samples of the fluid in the wart, so please keep your paws crossed that it's not anything serious like cancer. Ma and Da (me, too) are nervous wrecks!

The biggest thing is I hafta go back on woof watchers. I think I can still have me a hot dog once in a while (We all know the consequences if those get cut out completely BOL; see photo above of me HIJACKING the OSCAR MEYER MOBILE!) but ma and da have cut back on the food and increased my green beans and walkies.

ciao for now...


  1. Hope the wart is nothing serious! *fingers and paws crossed*

    Why x-rays...and the ER?

    Yup, I've heard many positives regarding hair growth on melatonin.

    Sorry about the cut back. Hopefully, with spring coming you can run around and maybe get your special treats again.

  2. Milo has suggested that maybe if you and he got together, you could have some of his extra skinny and he could have some of your....extra lovin:)

    We hope the wart thingy is just a wart and nothing more serious. Please keep us updated.

  3. Oh no...I know your ma must be worried sick. PLEASE let us know as soon as you find something out. I hope it isn't anything serious.

  4. Oh, I hope your warty thingy is is nothing more than a, well, warty thingy. We just took KK in for his own bump and it turned out fine. We will be sending you good vibes for quick results and healthy cells. It is just so scary and heart wrenching not to know.

    No more snorks-n-porks for a while?!?!? *sob* I feel your pain, I need to lose some weight myself.