Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Yesterday, one day shy of Blue's 7th Gotcha Day Anniversary with Ma and Da, his journey came full circle.
I see how sad Ma and Da are today and I too am sad. I miss Blue already. He was the sweetest boy. I know I didnt always show it, but I loved him very much...He changed all our lives for the better.
I am sure you know the story of how Blue found Ma and Da and rescued them, but what you might not know is how he changed their lives and as a result changed the lives of many people all over the world. And he changed my life too.
Because of Blue, Ma and Da met people they would have never met... new friends, trainers, all the neighbors, rescue people, other Weim Addicts... they have gone places they never would have either, meeting other Weimaraner people has taken them all over to events and gatherings...Da also found his true calling because of all the training he did with Blue...Blue wound up in the pages of Us magazine (a few times!) and ultimately led Ma and Da to me! You see, I wouldn't be here if Ma and Da hadn't fallen in love so hard with Weims because of Blue. They wanted a mate for him and after a few meet & greets, they found me!
Thank you Blue. I love you.

Junie's Ma here: It's a very very sad day for us, but please enjoy the few pictures of us with our boy... Run Free, Sweet Blue


  1. June, I know your ma and da must be VERY sad and you to. I am very sorry to hear about your brother Blue. He was my sisters Secret Santa this past year and I know he meant a lot to my mom to even though we never met him, we just knew he was a special boy. Our hearts go out to you and your ma and da. Run free Blue we will miss you. :(

  2. My heart goes to all of you during this difficult time. It is never easy saying goodbye to our beloved best friends. Blue had a truly wonderful life with you and has left you with countless wonderful memories that will live in you forever.

  3. Hugs to all of you... I am so very sorry. Blue is a loved boy. Run free sweet Blue.
    Sending thoughts of peace and comfort.

  4. You have been on my mind often since the loss of Blue. I am just so sad to know your heart aches so. I loved seeing your photos and of course got all teary eyed. Such a special boy. It is a blessing to love,and be loved,by our furry family and is one of lifes greatest gifts which makes it all the sadder when the time comes to let them go. May his spirit bring you comfort and his memory joy.

  5. We didn't get a chance to know Blue, but we are very sad that he has crossed the Bridge. We are sending you purrs.

  6. Hello there. I came over from Sagira's bloggie and I just want you to know how very sorry I am that Blue had to go to the Bridge. I wish I had known him cuz he sounds like he was very, very special. Thank you all for luving him so much. You all were Most Lucky to have each other.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. We came by to paw our respects. Peace to you & godspeed to your baby. Soft husky woooos,

    RA & Isis

  8. Sagira told me the sad news about your sweet Blue. My sisters and I are so sorry to hear this and we send you lots of purrs and hugs.

  9. We are from Sagira's blog. We are so sorry to hear about Blue. We are sending hugs your way.


  10. I'm so sorry to hear about Blue. He had such a wonderful life with you three, loved so dearly. It is so neat how one dog can be the spark in someone's life, causing all kinds of wonderful things to happen, and it sounds like Blue was that dog. Sending you lots of love from Kansas.

  11. We are from Sagira's blog. May Blue rest in peace and I'm sure he is running free and happily over the bridge with other angels now! Your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  12. me and my big sis asa and my mama are here from miss sagira's bloggie. we are so sorry to hear that blue had to leave for the bridge. we are sendin' you lots of gooey nose kisses and huggles.

    the booker man

  13. We're so sorry to hear of the sad news. Blue & Kam are running wild together celebrating life somewhere out there right now. :(

  14. Well I started out sad reading June's words, then in tears looking at the picutres, and then was uplifted by all the beautiful words people have written here already. It's true what Molly said about one dog being the spark in someone's life. Blue sounds like he was a such a special boy and so amazing for leading you to all kinds of new experiences and new friends. May he run free at the bridge with all the awesome dogs gone before him, and may time heal your hearts.

  15. It took me all week to come and read Junie's blog about Blue. He's such a special boy and knowing how much it hurts you to say goodbye breaks my heart. I spoke to Ruger's mom earlier this week and told her this:

    I have a picture in my head of a group of beautiful weims; Jake, Blue, Ruger, Trudi, Cyrus, Zane, Sage, Hurrikane and others we have lost...and many non-weims that we have loved; all laying in the sun at the bridge with Shannon watching over them. They are healthy and happy and watching over us.....and waiting....

    Know that you are in my heart at such a sad time.

  16. reading all the beautiful messages here is just ripping my heart open ...I'm overwhelmed with the kindness & compassion of everyone...what a wonderful tribute to my sweet Blue boy.
    Blue & June's Grammy~Ru

  17. Oh June we are so behind - we are so so sorry that Blue had to leave you. WE are sending you all lots of comforting purrs and prayers!