Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Wow... I can't believe it's already 2011! I can officially have hot dogs again. BOL!!!

So my New Year's Resolution is to be even badder. No, seriously, I think I will try to be a good girl. I also want to get in better shape, so I'm going to encourage Ma to take me out for more fast-fasts!
I plan to make a few appearances this coming year as an ambassadog for Weimie Rescue, so be on the lookout for a few Meet and Greets in NJ starring... ME! I also will be out and about during the rescue picnic and maybe, just maybe, I'll show up at the Hair of the Dog 5k in May. (Stay tuned for that one!)

I'd also like to take a minute to say thank you to Ma for starting my blog this year... giving me a public voice has been so much fun!

This picture is of me n Blue on New Year's Eve 2006. It's one of Ma's favorites of us.
We spent that weekend down the shore w/ Ma and Da and had a blast running on the beach and playing at the shore in the off-season!

Wishing all of you, my fans, a happy and healthy and prosperous 2011!


  1. Aww...what a great photo. Wishing you and your family nothing but the best in 2011. Hopefully you can talk to your ma into coming to Weim Nationals and our moms can meet. :)

  2. LOVE IT!!! Wishing all of you a happy and healthy New Year! I know we'll have lots of fun together in the coming year :))

  3. Happy New Year to you too! Yay, more hot diggity dogs for you. Sounds like you and the ma have a busy and exciting year planned. Here's to 2011.

  4. That is such an adorable pic of you and Blue!
    Wishing you, your bro, Da and Ma a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

    I'm excited to follow all of your crazy adventures and attempts in getting more hot dogs in your tummy in 2011 :)