Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hair of the Dog, whaaaat?

I did a 5k yesterday!.... and lemme tell you all sumfin': I am NOT doing another 5k this month... I am too old for this sh*t BOL... This playdate yesterday I think was torture... We walked for so long up and down hills wif Auntie Linda and Jam & Savi. We were EXHAUSTED! (I am still tired today and wanted no part of a long fast fast again wif the Ma)
We slept the whole ride home! I was in my crate, so Da took a picture of Haze:

Seriously though we had FUN! With a capital F-you-enn! When we first got there all 3 girls were outside and then Jam and Trixie got crated since I never was there before and Haze was there but awhile ago. Savi was our hostess! We hung on the deck in the sunshine and I got to de-stuff one of the toys in the puppy toybox! Savi and Haze: Then they ate lunch which smelled delish! After lunch, they took the boy back on the deck for a mani-pedi and Da got a lesson on how to dremmel...not that he's gonna come near ME with one of those things, but it's good to know, ya know?

After our fast fast, we got to play in the yard OFF LEASH!! Haze went up the teeter and I was showing off my down-stay! The girls were wrasslin' like lunatix... personally i can not beleive how full of energy that pbp is! After that long walk, she was still raring to go! And she is relentless with Jam! Da took lotsa pictures. I'm the one who is fuzzy (pink and brown collar) Haze has a red collar/prong and a blue leash, Jam has a purple collar and Savi is the little one in the pinkish collar.

We really had a GRAY-T time and hope to do it again soon...

Oh, and I also wanted to share a new nickname for the fosterboy: Hazelnuts!!! Ma's little cousin came up with that one on Easter. We all laughed. It fits, too because he is a little nuts BOL! He and I both enjoyed all the company on Easter at Ma and Da's. He got to meet Grandma and Papa T and Ma's 2 cousins. Everyone can't beleive he's a foster and is still waiting for his forever home!
I think he needs a new PR firm to give him a better back story! Linda and Joline think we should start blog for him...what do you think?

Oh.... and best of all? I got a hotdog tonight! YIPPEE!


  1. Hazelnuts...BOL! That is too funny! Glad you all had such a good time visiting and playing with your friends. They look like great girls. Ooops, I mean gray-t girls!

  2. It was a gray-t day & everyone was so well behaved that you have an open invitation to come visit again... just a warning, we do love our 5K walks & even better, hikes in the woods so get in shape friends :))

  3. you realize I am almost 9... that's almost 63!!! I am interested in seeing Harriman though!

  4. I'll have my people speak to your people and we'll pencil in a Harriman date on the calendar...

    xo, The PBP

  5. Sounds like you had a great time! Looks like a lot of fun.