Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Play Date!

yippee!!! Ma sez we're all going on a playdate this Sat up by Auntie Linda!
I fink it was only gonna be Haze going for a mani-pedi (Ma never dremmeled, so she's getting a lesson) and Da wants to see how to handle a dog like him (in a ring) since he glides! I mean, he runs like a freight train, but when he prances, he really looks fluid! Even I'm impressed BOL!

So anyway back to me going on a play date...I am so happy I get to go too... I fink Jam and Trixie will be in a differnt room since we're all pretty strong girls (they dont call us bitches for no reason!) but the pbp will be our host, and she's quite fun (I've hung w/ her at a few M&Gs) We're going on a nice long fast-fast (3miles which yet another 5k for Ma's WW walk-it challenge!)
I can't wait :-)


  1. We're getting ready for a paw-ty!!! Can't wait to see everyone!

  2. Oh boy..that sounds like FUN!

    June, are you and Haze coming to the Weim nationals to?

  3. Sagira,
    We aren't coming to Nationals... Auntie Linda's car will be so packed with 3 (or 4) Weims and 3 humans, luggage and food; she'd need a sidecar or trailer for us too! BOL
    Maybe another time when it's not so far away.... I know I'll be going to the WCA Futurity in Oct cause it's in NJ... IF Haze is still w/ Ma and Da I guess he'll go too... we might get to trot in the ring like the showdogs!

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun! I think it's cool that your Da is going to learn how to handle Haze in the ring. Is this prep for something in the future?? If he learns well then he can handle Milo for me. BOL! I'm always trying to pawn Milo off on other people to handle for me:)

  5. I'm not sure about Da and showing, but I know Ma really likes the hunt tests/WCA Ratings and agility ;-) Plus that's stuff even us rescues can do!